Connecting August Lock Pro

Just a reminder that if you change drivers (e.g., to the August Pro Driver) you should probably hit the Configure button on the Device page to make sure the driver sends the setup parameters to the lock. This presumes that the hub and lock are communicating . . .

Nope, another indication that pairing didn't finish.
Not sure what's going on other than mesh related problems, I have one of these obviously, and honestly it had paired to my development and production hubs without any mucking around.

As an fyi, the batteries that shipped with mine didn't last but a month, have you tried a fresh set?

I think I am getting optimistic about connecting my August Pro Smart Lock 3rd gen to HE. I have only connected it to the app (not ST or Wink, my previous system). So in order to connect this to HE, do I need to disconnect it from the August app, then try to reconnect to HE first? I am a tad confused about the order, since it sounds like HE is particular about the order for connecting.

As additional info, I just looked at my lock's Z-wave setting, and it says "Your lock is connected to a Z-Wave hub."

I had my August Pro Smart Lock 3rd gen completely setup and working wonderfully via the August Pro app before I got my HE, then added it to HE without having to make any changes at all to the existing setup with the app. I can still use the August app, with all of its features and options, and everything works perfectly fine.

As someone mentioned in the thread above, the August Connect uses Bluetooth to communicate with the lock, so connecting to HE via Z-Wave shouldn't impact your existing setup at all, except that you'll start seeing in the app something along the lines of "unlocked via z-wave".

As a side note, I've noticed that HE doesn't always get the updates from the lock. It could be something particular to my environment/setup and I didn't play around with it too much, but it seemed to happen when the door would auto-lock. If you notice this behavior, you may want to add an app to refresh the lock state after the door closes, with a delay to account for the auto-lock delay. I did that and haven't seen the issue since.

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Semi-success! I factory reset it twice, excluded it, factory reset again, and tried to pair/include and it worked! I am sure I did an extra unnecessary step, but finally got it to connect. Now the easy question: can a tile open and close this? I tried setting this up with the generic Z wave lock, but not able to unlock or lock from HE (or set up a tile to see if it is locked or unlocked). Thoughts or advice?

As regards tiles. My device type is "August Pro Z-Wave Lock" which works for me, Make sure you pick the "lock" template and not the "door control" and it should work fine. ( waynespringer79 was kind enough to help me with this.)

Also, a note on my experiences with this lock since there seem to be 2 threads on the topic.
I had found that the lock only worked for a short period of time and then failed to respond but can be woken up with the August wifi app.
A lot of people seem to think it needed a repeater because the Zwave signal strength was too low.
I started out thinking, yes the signal might be low and that I might need a repeater. So, I activated a Zwave light switch, which is just 3 feet from the lock but the thing still sleeps.

Now, I am becoming very confident that this issue is more to do with hibernating for battery preservation than signal strength. From my reading it looks like a beaming device is needed to keep it awake, I have ordered a Leviton switch with beaming capability. I will replace the switch I have that is close to the door with this one, probably Wednesday or Thursday. I hope/expect that this will solve the problem and will report back.
This is the beaming link
A repeater should also work as long as it is a beaming repeater.

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Welcome to the Hubitat Community! Thanks for sharing your experience and providing some insight. I know this lock is being a real PIA for a number of people. Good to have some tips to help them out. :+1:

I think I have a range issue in mine. Can I use any plug in Z-Wave devices to extend it?

Zwave Plus plug in devices should work as a suitable repeater. Placing them on the opposite wall from the lock as opposed to beside them on the same wall will be a help.
Most lock issues are not range related. In locks, being battery powered, the Zwave radio is off most of the time to save batteries. The Zwave radio is periodically turned on for a few milliseconds to check for any (un)lock commands and if there isn't anything, goes back to sleep, When an (un)lock command is sent from the hub, the message is repeated several times and then the hub goes on about it's business. If the Zwave radio in the lock is awake at the exact time the message is sent out, the lock performs the action. It is almost unlikely that the Zwave radio in the lock would be awake to receive the message directly from the hub.
This is where beaming repeaters come in. A beaming repeater (Zwave Plus line powered devices), will capture the (un)lock command and when the Zwave radio in the lock wakes up and asks "anything for me", the beaming repeater forwards the command.


what do mean lock template vs door control? where is that set?

As I recall, I believe I was talking selecting "door" template in the dashboard setup. This may seem obvious but initially I thought I selected the "door control" template.


Thanks. I have just thrown out my August locks. I got tired of them eating up batteries and not always working. I move to Kwikset Zigbee locks and loved them at half the cost of August.

I have just switched mine over from c-5 to c-7. It's the only think z-wave it is connected to. It was a :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: but I got it to work. Response seems to be good and it SO FAR it is working as expected. :crossed_fingers: Let's hope this continues to work.

I had to pull the batteries from the lock and reboot the hub because it wouldn't initialize. Don't make any changes to the security policy either. Take the defaults because, if I uncheck s0 (or anything else) the lock would go to S0 and initialization wouldn't complete.

New firmware hub- solves problem of pairing August Pro lock to Hubitat C-7 and most recent lock firmware as well. No need to downgrade lock firmware required by C-5 hub. Hub now supports S2 security! Both contact and lock tiles work with standard August Pro driver. I had given up hope :frowning: but my faith is restored.

I have the same issue. I'm on Hubitat Elevation® Platform Version; Hardware Version Rev C-7

2020-10-08 17_30_55-Device Discovery|622x500

I'm trying to ,migrate from ST and this is the first Z-Wave device I have tried adding, and its not a good start so far.

I have tried shutting down and pulling the power cord from Hubitat and restarting, but no luck. All help is welcome.

Are you doing the include with the hub near the lock?

Well not exactly near it, it is about 20 feet away in another room. Is that the problem?

It very well could be. Try within a couple of feet. Also, because you got to the initializing step, you might be half paired. First do a Z-Wave exclude (from the same discovery page), then factory default reset the lock, then try include.

Yeah I have excluded it, brought the Hub closer, trying without Factory Reset (really hope that is not needed). The lock is working very well and don't want to do everything from scratch again.

are you keeping the August app open the entire time you are trying to pair it? One thing I have noticed in the past, if you switch out of the August app during the pairing process, pairing will fail.