Connecting August Lock Pro

Anyone else able to connect an August Lock Pro using z-wave with the hubitat hub? The august lock app says its connected but i get a warning saying that it's using an older S0 protocol and should use the newer S2 protocol. But in hubitat it just sits on the discovery page stuck trying to initialize the device it just found.


Wanted to follow up with this - anyone using August with Z-Wave?

I've still got mine paired with my Smartthings hub, though that integration is not (for me anyway) quick.. 9 times out of 10, if I actually need to remote lock/unlock, I'll use the August app - I generally end up using the integration part as an event trigger with the exception of two rules I have - one that tells it to lock at midnight, and one that tells it to lock when the mode changes to everyone away(just in case). Its got a 30 minute auto lock timer too, so its a bit redundant, but eh, why not. :stuck_out_tongue: I'll eventually get more confident and move it over to Hubitat - or try.

As an aside, discounting the ridiculous lag, the IFTTT integration allows for the ability to actually do things with the user who unlocked the door (assuming you've got more than one and they're using a different code). That said, as far as being useful for something... meh

Do you know if it will work on Hubitat? Thinking about purchasing it.

It pairs with ST but doesn't seem to pair with Hubitat, it complains about using an older Zwave profile.

That’s unfortunate news. Any others ways to intergrate via the cloud?

Hi Guys,

Anyone had luck connecting any August Lock ?



I am having the same problem, the include gets stuck in Initializing and never completes.

I opened a case with support but was directed to this thread, it is not officially supported yet but I was assured it was on their "shopping" list to be eventually added...

There is a thread that mentions some devices take long to complete that initialization, I left it overnight and nothing. Other threads say the device needs to be reset to factory defaults, tried that too. Also about putting the device close to the hub, I practically made the hub eat the device, nothing...

Last week I had trouble including the Leak Gopher and the only way to include was to set the hub to use security for all devices and finally worked, even though the device included non secure, not sure if a result of the setting itself or the fact that changing seem to restart the Z-Wave network but still, nothing here.

Finally, thinking outside the box here I shut down the hub, plugged the Z-Wave stick to my laptop and was able to include the device just fine using a 3rd party tool, but when putting the stick back in Hubitat and and booting it the device does not show up in the list (neither the Device List nor the Z-Wave details device list). I later confirmed the August was still registered to the stick so I excluded it...

Anyone here has any other idea how to get this to include? otherwise I'm going to have to plug the ST back just for this which I will hate...

There are no log messages or events at all during the inclusion that may suggest what the problem is, I would be OK with having to port the driver or even giving it a try to writing one but not being able to even include the device is a show stopper...

This is what I'm doing with my non-pro August and an August Connect bridge. It's been working very reliably. It only send commands to the lock, doesn't give me the Lock state, so I handle that with an IFTTT applet that flips an HE switch that in turn updates a Virtual Lock with another rule.

So ON is unlocked. OFF is locked. These together give me both relatively fast and reliable control of the lock and its status.

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Thanks, I bought the Pro just because of Z-Waves so I could have reliable local execution for this.

Your solution is a good option but, maybe an alternative to keeping the ST hub connected just for this, those are last resort for me though as they are both Cloud dependent...

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Yeah I hear you. This was a part of what prompted me to buy the Yale YRD256 and demote the August to the back door. I considered the Z-Wave version of the August. Glad I passed on it. That's a real bummer they've done something wacky with the Z-Wave radio. That must be very frustrating to integrators, and that's exactly the segment they were targeting with the Pro lock.

I get wanting to avoid the cloud. I've had no choice with the August other than via HomeKit. Nobody else talks directly to the bluetooth version of the lock other than Apple and their Connect bridge. I've never found a direct over WiFi solution to talk to the bridge. I thinks it's too locked down (which is good). So everyone that talks to their bridge does so via cloud.

Cloud dependency is for sure something to avoid where possible, but with this setup I'm doubtful to have much trouble. Samsung cloud is definitely garbage, but the Google cloud is fast and very solid. IFTTT is actually reliable, but slow at times. That's not such a big deal in this case, since for this I'm only using it for status update, not control of the lock itself. Besides, it's just my back door lock. Locking automatically via HE is a convenience, not a necessity. The work horse is the front door lock and I could not be happier with the YRD256. The family really likes it too. No more pulling the phone out or connection problems, or dead phone batteries. No more trying to explain to friends how to download the app, setup a password, etc. And best of all, no more having to pull our phones out to lock the door when we leave, and then pull them back out and have to unlock the phone again moments later when we forgot something, and then wait for it to connect, and wait, and wait...

It didn't take long for me to lose my love for my August lock. Still a great lock, but kind of a pain to deal with.

Yeah I can see what you mean, I am kind of married to August at the moment as I have the keypad and the doorbell too, with all 3 the solution works quite well and with the keypad some of your problems are kind of solved... I thought about replacing the whole thing with a Nest Hello but for what I can see you can only unlock from the nest app if you have the one specific Yale lock and that model does not support the Z-Wave module, other Yale locks like the one you have do not integrate with Nest, or am I wrong? Being able to unlock from the same app when someone rings the door is a big plus...

Nope, You are correct. It's a definite mainstream, cloud-only solution. Maybe at some point you'd be able to do a combination with HE marrying their capabilities, but it's too soon for that.

I was thinking about the keypad for a long time, but I read accounts from several people that the battery doesn't last long in really cold weather. I'm in Toronto and 5˚ Winter temps are not uncommon here. But everyone with the batteries inside on their keypad locks have no issue.

Ah, fellow Ontarian! I'm in Georgetown / Mississauga, this will be my first winter with the keypad though so will have to wait and see...

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Ah. There's a few of us. Been meaning to connect with @gavincampbell at some point. We should get a group together and geek out on Home Automation stuff.

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Lets do it!

I grew up on the west (Mississauga) and spent a lot of time out in Georgetown. But now live on the east side in Pickering.

We can meet up at a coffee shop or something centrally. I'd be in.


LOL. I'm in the beach. Central :grin:

@bobbyD, @mike.maxwell, August has a Christmas promo right now with $89 off... just mentioning it as I know you guys have this device in the "shopping list" to be added official support... :grin::wink:

Just curious if you have had any success getting yours to join.

Nope, I tried everything I could... for now I will leave my ST on just for this and setup the hub link stuff so I can control it from Hubitat... I hope eventually this ST dependency can go away and finally put that sucker eBay...

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