Are there any actual smart rocker switches?

After reading and reading and searching and searching I decided on the Aqara smart rocker switches. They arrived today and I opened the first box only to find they are NOT rocker switches. They're just a big flat button that clicks at the top and bottom.

So, are there any ACTUAL smart rocker switches? I want that feel of a proper physical rocker so when you're feeling around in the dark you can feel how to turn the light on.

And I need them NOT to require a neutral.

Use an in-wall relay that can connect to an external switch.


I don't want it to end up as a toggle where sometimes up is on and other times down is on. I want it to work like a proper switch.

Then there are are no alternatives to rockers that return to a central position. Unless you choose to install Caséta switches/dimmers.

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Not really "rocker" but toggle style...

This returns to a central position.. I use them personally and for my clients.

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A proper switch doesn't return to center. Why doesn't anyone make regular switches, either rocker/paddle, or toggles, that are also smart and don't require a neutral?

I can't be the only one who wants this kind of smart switch.

These require a neutral.

Oops missed that last bit sorry!

Because it adds unnecessary complexity and increases the odds of failure. In the scenario you wish, there would have to be a second solenoid that moves the position of the paddle or toggle to match the status of the relay.

Further, it removes the possibility of using switches as button controllers - for single/multiple tap operation.

The internal electronics and relay of the switch has to be powered by some mechanism. The cleanest method is using a neutral. Leaking current to the load is a less desirable method of achieving the same goal.


Probably not. Perhaps there’s a technical reason why they’re not widely available?


Have you looked at Inovelli ( They have supply constraints, so actually getting one may be a problem but don't require a neutral...


Adds unnecessary complexity? Lmfao a smart home system is in itself unnecessary complexity. None of it is necessary.

Yep, a solenoid or simple tiny little electromagnet so it can control the position of the physical switch. Exactly what is needed.

It doesn't remove the ability to use button switches. Want a button switch? Buy one. Want what I want? Then buy that. Different options for different wants/needs.

It boggles my mind that these manufacturers haven't figured out how to get electricity to the internal smart components without leaking to the load. This isn't rocket science.

It seems to me they're just lazy and stuck in old ways of thinking.

There's this:

Not sure when it's coming out though.. and yes it's a relay but is probably the closest thing you can get right now.


That's not a physical switch. It's an in wall hidden relay.

Yes. Smart switches/dimmers (outside of Lutron's offerings) have a higher failure rate than regular switches. Just based on posts here alone.

Adding a second solenoid adds another potential point of failure.

Well, that's a choice you've made. So you either have to work with the available offerings, or convince a manufacturer to make what you need. :grinning:

Although I will add that Lutron's Caséta line addresses this concern very nicely. By removing a paddle that returns to a central position. Instead separate buttons are used for on/off (and up/down in the dimmers).


Their on/off switch requires a neutral.

Also, it returns to a central position.


And purchasing a switch that has things I want but means extra complexity is a decision I can make for myself too. Your objections are silly and not helpful.

To be clear, I've no objections to what you want. I'm telling you what is available on the market. If what's on there doesn't meet your needs, there's nothing I or anyone else here can do about it.


Yeah - but the dimmer (which does not require a neutral) can be "configured" to act like an on/off switch

It may be a moot point since they have no availability.

EDIT: That is how I have mine configured (See Preference 3)

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