[APP] SmartStart Manager for Z-Wave (Long Range support)

If you have anything that is "pending" the hub sends out some messages every few minutes looking for any new SS devices to pair up. That is really the only harm in leaving anything in there. Also if you were to exclude the device, it would rejoin automatically (could be unexpected).

To "remove" them from SS, you can just uncheck it. That will actually delete it from the hub SS list and save a copy of the info in an app state variable (and also a backup json file in the File Manager).

So, you could uncheck everything once it has been included, if you dont want them to possibly rejoin if excluded. Or just leave them all in there, does not seem to hurt anything.

Cool. thank you! On the other issue, have you had a chance to test your theory? I have not heard back from Victor or Bobby...


I call this the "I spent way too much time making this look fancy" release.
Enjoy the beautiful buttons and icons I borrowed rom the existing UI elements in the platform.

Version 0.5.0 (2024-06-10)

  • Added full backup and restore features
  • Added beautiful buttons with icons and updated styling
  • Fixed combined list parsing to reset enabled state
  • Updated logging to match style of my drivers