Long Range devices disappeared from details page

I am encountering this same error. Every device I have previously joined using SmartStart has disappeared from the Z-Wave Details page, and is missing the security and mode information in the SmartStart Manager. The missing devices all respond to commands and send events. I am using a C8 hub powered with the included adapter.

Any idea what might have cause this or how to fix it?

I split your post into a new topic, as it does not really have to do with my app itself.

Looks like you have paired all those devices in Long Range mode.

What you have going on is a known issue as this point. No idea of the cause and there is no known fix. The LR devices really do not have any useful into to show in the details page anyway so you are not missing anything really. Devices should keep working fine.

As a side note, kudos on the multitude of Z-Wave LR devices!

Are they working reliably?
Have you done a chart lately?

@jtp10181, thank you for splitting the thread; it is indeed a separate issue. I also want to express my appreciation for creating the application that has given me additional information about this problem.

Regarding the issue, my devices respond to almost all commands and send events, but they are not 100% reliable. Additionally, I'm unable to perform other Z-Wave administration tasks, such as firmware upgrades. I have 45 more Z-Wave LR switches to add, and I'm hesitant to proceed if the new devices will be similarly impaired.

@velvetfoot, kudos on noticing my Z-Wave LR devices! Due to the above issue, I'm unsure if they are working reliably or not :sweat_smile:. When I could see the details, they all had excellent PER, RTT (1ms), and LWR RSSI. The devices do not show up on the graph, which I think is expected because they are directly connected.

It seems that this is an issue others have experienced as well: Working Z-Wave devices missing from Z-Wave details page.

If anyone has further insights or solutions, your help would be greatly appreciated!

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This is not related to the devices missing from the z-wave details. This is due to a longstanding bug in the firmware updater app which prevents it from working on any device paired with S2 security.

The older driver version has a different issue preventing it from working on LR devices. The code is open source on that and I do have a work around for that issue, but I have not made it public yet.