[Alpha] HubiPanel v0.3

HubiPanel is the next innovation in the Hubi- series. The post has been moved here so I can better maintain it.

Code is here: HERE

Alright, for all you who have been following the drama, joys and benefits of HubiGraphs, you will know my father and I are constantly getting into it over Automation. Our latest "challenge" has resulted HubiPanel. I have, for a long time wanted a dashboard that fits all my devices and allows me to quickly shift between panels. Take a look below.

Is that an advertisement for HubiGraphs? Yes. Notice the red numbers, that is telling you how many devices (switch, fan, on/off) is "on" on the panel.

What is it?
HubiPanel gives you a panel on the side (for Panels) or bottom (for phones). It supports the panels that we already know and love? On tablets and desktops, it will load all panels in the background for fast switching. On phones, it loads on demand.

Change Log
Alpha 0.3

  • WebSocket now reconnects automatically
  • You can now save your lock code
  • Added multiple clock customization options
  • TONS of new icons
  • Weather widget (You must provide an api token from Weather API - OpenWeatherMap)
  • You can display attributes from devices under the clock and use attributes from sensors for weather indoor / outdoor temperature
  • New custom rendering frontend under the experimental section (see pictures)

Alpha 0.2 - Added locking capability and improved the groovy code a bit
Alpha 0.1 - First release

Current Features

  • Organize your dashboards using DnD
  • Switch dashboards with ease
  • Set custom labels and icons for the dashboards
  • Configure font size and colors
  • View on mobile
  • Display a clock on top or bottom
  • Lock panel to prevent modifications

Planned Features

  • Re-sizable drawer
  • Hubitat Package Manager Support
  • This one's a secret

Dashboard with custom renderer
When you hover or touch and hold
image Weather, clock and attributes


Feel free to give it a try. It works well on my home panel -- Kindle Fire 2017 running Fully Kiosk. This is in ALPHA-If it breaks, I will do my best to fix it.

Install Guide
I will write an install guide later but for now -- Remember to enable OAuth.


  1. I hate this idea
    a. Ok
  2. It is buggy
    a. Read the title. This is in alpha
  3. I can't get the key working
    a. Wait for the beta or send me a DM
  4. Wow! This is awesome
    a. Please donate to my college education; I'm kidding, we do this for fun.
  5. This really doesn't seem like an FAQ, just random thoughts
    a. Funny how that works

Please let me know if there is a bug or if you need help!

Code is here: HERE


Alrighty! We've got another feature release as promised. In this update:

  • HubiPanel has moved to: [Alpha] HubiPanel v0.2 so I can maintain it bettter.
  • Added a child-proofing feature (@Evilborg)
    • Activating Child Lock on a dashboard will cause it to be locked when you hit the lock button
    • You can activate Disable settings when locked to protect the settings button when locked
    • You can activate Fully disable viewing dashboards when locked to completely disable a tab on the dashboard list
      • Otherwise, it will simply block clicks
    • Locking is per-device, and endures a refresh, so do not forget your code. Otherwise, you can clear the web cache for your browser
  • Various Groovy fixes. This update changes the query parameters again, so you'll have to redo your links again, sorry :confused:.

Code is HERE


Awesome -- now for the kicker :smiley: is it possible to set a default lock code and store it as a hash so it didnt have to be entered everytime you want to lock it ? And have a place in the settings to add/change/delete it ?

Would it be possible to specify where the panel is? Right, Left, top or bottom?

Also, the ability to configure the clock to not show seconds.

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I might be a total idiot, but I'm struggling to get an idea of what this is.
Is it safe to say this is basically like "Dashboard Shortcuts" on steroids to make it easier to switch between "dashboard" from a primary view - using panels instead of shortcut buttons?

Thank you in advance, and sorry for the question.

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Yes. I’ll add that sometime in the future

It automatically switches to the bottom on mobile. More control may be added in the future.

Yes. I’ll try to have that in the next release.

In short, yes. It is designed to make switching easy. It also keeps the dashboards life’s on the background on tablets and PCs to decrease losing time.

Essentially, it enhances the Hubitat dashboard experiences for mobile and kiosk.

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So there is no way around this part and just protect the settings instead or maybe a option to stop clicks on the dashboard instead?

To only block the settings button, activate “Disable settings when locked” but disable child lock on all the dashboards (it is the little button up with the icon selectors).

Dashboards are only affected by the lock when child lock is activated on a specific dashboard.

Enabling the “Fully disable viewing dashboards when locked” prevents dashboards with child lock disabled from being viewed altogether. If it is disabled, it will simply block clicks on the dashboards with child lock enabled.

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Not working for me here.

Ah, there seems to be a slight bug. to work around it, enable Disable settings when locked AND Fully disable viewing dashboards when locked but disable child lock on all dashboards. I should be able to fix it in the next release.

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Thanks... It does work but i'll wait for a the next release.

@CordMaster Thank you for the Hubipanel.
I was using it on my computer for a few days, but today I am getting "nullinvalid_token", I did not change anything, trying to fix the app, I deleted the APP and installed again.

Any ideas?

I’d double check your dashboard token. Are dashboards still listed in settings? Also, make sure that you are using the latest version of the groovy code, as there have been several changes to the url parameter list that would affect the functionality of the updated html and JavaScript that are pushed automatically.

Thanks works.. I reinstalled all.

Love this. Can't wait to see whats coming next. HE really needs more dashboard tools like this and Smartly.

One possible feature for your future consideration. It would be great to have a default main screen defined so that, after a user configurable timeout without use, the panel would revert back to the main dashboard panel. Even better it would be great to be able to define by panel whether the given panel would revert or not, and if it does revert, after how much time.

Question, what does the red slider switch do on the settings screen next to each panel added? It only allows one so maybe you are heading toward defining what I suggest above. but does it have any other current function?


Thanks! I’ll definitely consider it.

The slider actually sets the default panel that opens when you click the link from the HubiPanel app, so it would eventually play into what you suggested above.

I love this! I have converted all my dashboards to fit on this layout. I use Amazon Fire Tablet HD8s for my panels in the house and they are a bit small for this layout but it just took some resizing. Very clean look and my wife finds it intuitive and easy. That is the biggest plus.

Just a couple of suggestions and one bug. The suggestion is that it would be great if the panels bar on the left would resize to smaller or larger sizes based on the font size and the width of the panel name. i know you wrap now as the size gets larger, but as it get smaller it does not shrink. the wrapping is good to limit the size of the panel bar, but if it gets smaller it would be better for small displays if it shrunk or was user sizable with wrapping.

The bug is that Image tile types don't refresh. They just go to error symbol when the refresh happen. I suspect this is due to the fact that you preload all dashboards into memory (love the speed of this) but this may cause the image tiles which require going to the internet regularly for refresh to not reach the sites they need.

Hope this makes sense.


One more strange behaviour to report. On the PC screen, the badges seem to update properly and instantly. However, when running on my panels they don't all seem to update regularly, sometimes showing lights on, when the panel doesn't, and sometimes not showing lights on when the panel does. It seems like when the Hubitat performs automated on/off functions of some type, the badges miss being updated.

My panels are Amazon Fire Tablets HD 8 running Fully Kiosk in Kiosk mode.


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll definitely look into the bugs. I have a lot of new features coming soon too :slight_smile:


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