[ALPHA] HubiPanel (See other topic)

This topic and coding is being performed by my son @CordMaster

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Surprised there are no comments yet. :slight_smile:

Jumped on this late last night but was having issues trying to bring up the dashboard link. It was failing with the http call on line 105.

I’ll have to troubleshoot a bit further when I am by the computer later on but just wanted to mention that.

Think we’re waiting on some clearer instructions... :smirk:
I’ve installed but just get a spinning icon... (yes have done oauth and copied the token for one of my dashboards). Checked, same line 105 error.

I got the Line 105 error as well

Thanks for kicking it off!

I've taken a look at the errors, and it looks like I assumed that everyone's dashboard app had the ID of 1, however that does not seem to be the case.

That being said, I have pushed out a new update (located here) that allows you to set the dashboard ID, which can be found next to the place where you got the api token. I've added some examples in the installer to show what to copy, and that should hopefully help. Also make sure to hit done before loading the panel.

Please let me know about any other errors that occur.

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Have updated the code, no more errors but still see a spinning icon...

app:7412020-05-23 20:18:48.311 debugnull

app:7412020-05-23 20:18:42.538 debugUpdated

same here spinning

I'm not getting anything... page is blank but when I look at the rendered page source it has 2 urls pointing to https://cdn.plumpynuggets.com/2.bc047048.chunk.js
and https://cdn.plumpynuggets.com/main.72502378.chunk.js both come back as 404 pages.

Not sure if this helps.

Thanks so much!

I have another update, found HERE. This update accomplishes 2 of things:

  1. After installing this update, most updates can be applied by refreshing the HubiPanel Page
  2. The spinning should be fixed - It seemed to be an issue loading new configs

As always, please let me know if it works (also, if it fails, try again in 5 mins in case I am changing anything on the CDN, (as was probably your case, @Evilborg) ! Thanks for bearing with me, we should get it resolved soon at this rate.

Ok got a setup screen and enabled the dashboards I wanted to test and showup on the left side now but when I click on the dashboard I get this error {"error":true,"type":"AppException","message":"Not Found"}

Same here.

Ok so looking at the hub logs I see this error under the hub device...

Received local request for App 1 that does not exist, path: /dashboard/36 from unknown

Ok! Sorry for the chaos.
I hope this is the last time you'll have to upload groovy again...
Code is HERE
This should fix those pesky "Not Found" errors

Now I get this

Try re-clicking the link in the HubiPanel app. There are new paramaters added to it to fix the problem.


awesome!! works great now :smiley:

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now all that is needed is a way to protect the settings tab and maybe move the clock to the top of the left panel

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What do you mean by 'protect the settings tab'?

So kids cant edit what panels to use or anyone else to mess with the settings

This is really cool. Your son should offer up his services to the hubitat team to help improve the built in dashboard app. Who knows what he could do to improve it.