Alexa Skill UK - Confused


Is the alexa skill available in the UK?

When I search for it in the alexa app - I dont find anything?



Im in the UK and have uninstalled the original Alexa app and installed the new skill unfortanatly before relizing their is no Skill available in the UK? I cant now reinstall the original solution? Can anyone tell me where I can download the original app or when the Alexa Skill will be available in the UK



Thanks For the reply I will be patient I will keep checking with Alexa app


Is their any link to the original app download I could do with a least the original functually as Amazon are taking their time


Have there been any updates to this? Eagerly anticipating being able to use Alexa here in AUS with my hubitat :slight_smile:


Im in the UK and still waiting Im only anoyed that I no longer have the original app installed (I deleted it before realizing uk skil not available) So I have no conection with Alexa for weeks. I just wish I had original app.


Please contact, we will get the old app back for you.


The old app was made available in the new release: Hub Update 1.1.2

Note: you can only have one of the two Amazon Echo apps installed at one time, or it will mess up Alexa.


Thanks as you know if have made this available to me already but good it's available. Amazon not rushing themselves


The app still isn’t working for me, Alexa finds nothing. Anyone else having this?


I am assuming you’re not in the USA and are trying to use the “old” Alexa App, not the “new” Alexa Skill, correct? If so, you can read up on the issue you’re having in the following thread.



I did add them yes.


Understood. Within that thread I linked, you will see others having the same issue where Alexa cannot discover the Hubitat hub. Seems to be LAN problems that causes the issue most often.


Yeah, I’ve read pretty much all of it before I realised that it wouldn’t have worked anyway until the last update. No other network issues are apparent apart from this one. All other aspects of my network appear fine. Unless it’s the Alexa devices themselves. But many thanks for the advice and link.


Hopefully the Alexa Skill gets released for the UK soon. Good luck!


Any updates with this???


Just curious. Are UK users sending messages to Amazon to be sure they’re properly pressured to get this done? If the approval process hinges on Amazon, the pressure needs to come from the Amazon customers wanting it, not just the Skill creators!


This is on us, not on Amazon. We have not resolved the issues yet.