Alexa Skill UK - Confused


Oh. I wasn't aware. We received different feedback previously.


I’ve just tried the Alexa app again today and it worked!! I didn’t do anything different and was very surprised it picked my devices up :wink:


Do you mean the "Amazon Alexa App" or the "Amazon Alexa Skill"?


The app, I’m in the UK.


It should have worked all along, except when we had removed it and you couldn't install it. Glad to hear it's working for you. One of these days we will get the skill sorted for UK.


I agree, but for some reason it didn’t. Love to know how it now has, but then again, just happy I have another part back.


This is quite disappointing. One of the reasons I purchased the hubitat was so that it could communicate with Alexa... I live in Australia, What are my options?


You should be able to use the ‘Amazon Echo App’ for now, until the ‘Amazon Echo Skill’ is released in your country.


I couldn't wait any longer so ended up changing the country in Amazon Content & Devices from United Kingdom to United States. I was then able to install the Hubitat Skill and discover my HE devices.

Happy to report that it's working well here in the UK.

(I have a separate Amazon account for my Echo devices so was able to change this without having to make future purchases in US Dollars!)



Unfortunately I had to revert back to the UK Alexa Store as some music services (such as selected UK radio stations) were not available in the US Alexa Store.

My main gripe with the HE Echo App (whilst offering super responsive local control of my bulbs) is the lack of Colour (RGBW) support.

Is there an ETA for the Skill being completed for UK submission?


Can there please be an update with this? I remember being told it would be done within a week and that was well and truly over 3 months ago. Disappointing.


As a prospective Hubitat owner (and current ST owner) also in Australia I would also like an update on Alexa skill in English speaking counties. I only got an Echo Dot yesterday so I’m currently exploring what I can do with it.


Its now available for the UK, only happened yesterday I believe. Have you checked again today?


I searched for “hubitat” in the Alexa app just now but it found nothing. I only switched my Amazon account (which I’ve had since the late 90s) from the UK to Australia yesterday because of the local Alexa skills...the lack of the ST one (and hubitat) may see me switching back!


I'm in UK can now see the skill but will not install I'm getting this


Maybe try from a browser?

This is what I see.



I really booted my hub and has now installed ok