Aeotec Range Extender 7 vs 6

Gen 6 use 500 series chip, while Gen 7 use the 700 series chip. I would personally go with 700. The boost in range may justify the price difference, however, there was a discussion earlier today about the Ring Gen 2 repeaters, which also have the 700 chip and they are less expensive. Check this topic starting at this post:


They also have built in battery backup and can be used to identify when power is lost.


Which is a much better solution than monitoring power draw.


Yea Ring Gen 2 if you can get them in your region (not so great on C5, they stop reporting without S2). If you can’t you should be able to get aeotec 7. Either will be a nice boost to your mesh.


@bobbyD and @bcopeland.. ya'll gotta stop.. HAAHAH.. I'm gonna have to take out a 2nd mortgage just to pay for new HE devices to add LOL..


Yeah but the Ring2 is cheaper therefore you can buy MORE! Also let me refer you to THIS epic thread...

spoiler: @bcopeland wins!



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@erktrek HAHAH stop giving me reasons to spend money I don't have LOL.. and yes I was wondering when there was gonna be a HE Anon group created ahahaha thanks!!!

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oh.. so if you have the C5 HE, what stops reporting? about power you mean, does it still z-wave repeat?

@bcopeland On a side note. Any clues for us as to when we're gonna start seeing some new YouTube videos from you all? I'm talking about the Hubitat Live videos in particular. I really enjoyed the group chat ones and was looking forward to more but ya'll have been radio silent since 4/28!! I think my favorite was the March 24th one. Yea i'm being nosy LOL..

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I agree, since there is no talk about the new C7.

Hi all, new to the Hubitat (Elevation) which I just set up last night and got all of my devices included to the network. Realized I need a repeater and really appreciate the recommendation for the Ring (gen 2 alarm repeater) unit. Just ordered that, good price.
Had nothing but trouble from the SmartThings hub, like the fact that the Hubitat is a local control unit instead of cloud. Much better!


One suggestion - if you haven't paired devices to the Hubitat yet, consider pairing the "extender" first.. that way as you migrate the devices can take advantage of it being there. I had issues with the repeater not being used by anything when I added it to my existing network..

Here's mine... My "Den Recessed Lights" dimmer switch is going through the upstairs "Master Bath Repeater" - but the final hop before it gets to the hub is through the "Mud Room Repeater" which on the other side of the house.. Funny Side Note: the Den Recessed Lights Dimmer is literally in the same room as the HE hub so :man_shrugging:

Otherwise make sure you read (if you haven't already) these:

My other suggestion is to have some patience - "with great power comes great responsibility". Feel free to ask questions/help as needed. The community is here (and is awesome!).


Thanks for the info. Would the z-wave repair function accomplish the same thing? I already have my switches and dimmers deployed, just a couple of them are not behaving well and seem to be a bit out of range, thus the need for a repeater. I have a spot picked out for it when it's received, so hoping the z-wave repair will do the trick and rearrange the mesh network properly.

So... maybe???

Are Ring gen 2’s ok on a C5 with a C4 Z-stick? Seems to me it reports power loss fine without S2. Will it still route zwave traffic without S2?


@bcopeland , I have a c5 hub and have found the ring v2 extender to be worthless. Am I better off getting the gen 6 from Aeotec or the gen7 with my c5? I’m having some Zwave speed issues. Thanks!

I would stick with the 6.. I have seen some odd issues with the 7s

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