Aeotec Multisensor 7

Having trouble with the motion sensor portion. I have it plugged in through the USB port for constant power. All the other functions appear to be working very well. The motion sensor portion is constantly reporting 'active'. I have decreased the sensitivity and I know there is no movement in the room. Any suggestions??

I would try removing it and pairing it again.

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This is a known bug. The Aecotec 7 is useless. Even if you get it to report motion, it remains extremely unreliable. I'd return the sensor if I were you. I, unfortunately, waited too long before installing it, else I would have returned mine.

I appreciate the information. I had an older Aeotec 6 multisensor (that was also garbage) about 4 years ago. Here I was thinking, hey it must be better now...I mean they are smartthings and all. Doh!!!

The 6 is actually much better than the 7!

I actually find the opposite true. I have 6 MultiSensor 7s in my house all USB powered and all are running flawlessly. My MultiSensor 6s were more chatty on the hub and were less reliable for my use case. The key is to ensure the MultiSensor 7 is on a good firmware version. A new firmware was just released on 12/1.

All my MS7s are currently on v1.3.7 after I rolled back from 1.4.1 that had a problem with it. In my case the MultiSensor 7s I bought at the time came default preloaded with v1.4.1 firmware.

I’m considering upgrading one of my newest to the new 1.6.6 and seeing how it roles for a few months before upgrading the rest of them.

Just make sure if you upgrade the firmware on these devices that you do it with less then 10ft between the ZWave radio and the device, have it plugged into USB power, and do a factory reset / readd after you upgrade / downgrade the firmware. I find it easier to modify the firmware version prior to adding it to Hubitat using a ZWave stick plugged into my PC so the device and the radio are sitting right next to one another.

Please may someone help me? For now I just need motion to turn the light on regardless of lumens or anything else. I can't get it to do it reliably. I set the sensor up from the get go in plugged in mode. I've got a community driver on it as the native driver didn't do anything. I'm edited parameters on the community driver but truthfully I don't really know what I'm looking at when I do that. Just want it to reliably turn light on with motion and have barely any delay between when it'll next register motion (so if I turn it off I want motion to turn it back on as rapidly as possible.

Zigbee motion sensors I’ve found always produce the fastest response to motion, I use the Iris 3326-L in all my spaces where I need fast response motion. However I know they’re harder to come by. With that being said, the Aeotec MultiSensor 7 on usb power, I’ve found faster in response than the Aeotec MultiSensor 6 also on usb power. Are your sensors on usb power or battery?

Looks like new firmware is out to fix Motion

Thank you very much. I’ve mirrored your settings and done firmware update.

if the firmware update is done, what should the 'data' section show on the sensor in hubitat?

Thanks ever so much! Why is my NNUR 3 and my device type 2? And why does mine have a line that says MSR: but it has no entry?

@bcopeland may be able to answer that question. I’m honestly not sure.

Thanks for the help you have provided

@bcopeland hoping for your insight here please