Aeotec Multisensor 7

Having trouble with the motion sensor portion. I have it plugged in through the USB port for constant power. All the other functions appear to be working very well. The motion sensor portion is constantly reporting 'active'. I have decreased the sensitivity and I know there is no movement in the room. Any suggestions??

I would try removing it and pairing it again.

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This is a known bug. The Aecotec 7 is useless. Even if you get it to report motion, it remains extremely unreliable. I'd return the sensor if I were you. I, unfortunately, waited too long before installing it, else I would have returned mine.

I appreciate the information. I had an older Aeotec 6 multisensor (that was also garbage) about 4 years ago. Here I was thinking, hey it must be better now...I mean they are smartthings and all. Doh!!!

The 6 is actually much better than the 7!