Aeotec Dual Nano Switch in detached garage not responding

I've been having trouble with my Aeotec Dual Nano Switch not responding when I try to turn the switch on or off. This has been going on for months and I've tried an Aeotec Range Extender 6, which connects to the Hubitat hub, but it seems the connection is not strong enough to reliably flip the switch. Also, yesterday I installed an Aeotec Range Extender 7, thinking it would help. Although, it didn't help at all.

The Dual Nano Switch is installed behind the wall switches, as it was designed for. Also, the switch is about 25 feed from the Hub, with a clear line of site from my office window (the hub is sitting on the windowsill).

So now I'm looking for options to get the switch to work reliably:
• The first option I'm considering is using HubConnect to install a second Hubitat hub in the garage, since I have wired Ethernet in the garage. In my reading it appears possible and relatively straightforward.
• The second option is to somehow increase the signal strength of the Hubitat hub in the office somehow. I assume it's not possible, but wanted to make sure.
• The third option is to add an antenna, of some sort, to the Dual Nano switch in the garage, since the switch-box is really packed with wires. My thought is the bundle of wires is interfering with the Z-Wave signal. I haven't heard of antenna for the Dual Nano switch, but thought it might be possible.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

is this reporting on/off when operated manualy or reporting on/off when operated digitail or actulay switching on/off when done mannual or digitaly?

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Both manual and digitally work sometimes, but if it does work it always takes a few minutes to show in the Dual Nano switch Devices and my Dashboard. Also, if it eventually "connects" then I often can turn the switch on/off quickly, with good response times.

Hi @olliesshop. Where did you put the repeaters? Near the hub or in the garage?

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does it start to work and then work for a while?
i have one zigbee device and one zwave device and its like they or the hub radios go to sleep or low power mode.

is there such a thing of low power/sleap for the radios? ZB and ZW?

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The repeaters are in the garage, next to the switch. This is not an ideal location, since it's supposed to be between the hub and the switch, although there's only grass between the office hub and the garage. I was hoping the repeater would have better reception than the Dual Nano switch and then would relay the signal to the switch ... but that doesn't appear to true.

I believe so, since once it finally starts responding, it normally will turn the switch on/off quickly. I do this a few times for testing, then the next time I try it again it won't respond.

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same for me!
@bobbyD , does the hub have a sleep/low power mode, ive seen a few posts recently regarding on/off events (like this) not getting repoted back to the hub, repeater are advised but like @olliesshop mine are either responsie then for some reas unresponsive

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Try putting one of the extenders within a 5 feet of the hub and one within 5 feet of the switch. Then do a z/wave repair. Wait 24 hrs and see if that cures it


why 24H afer a repair?

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just tryed 3 switch now, all working fine all day, now for no reason (?) two dimmers unresposive

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That's exactly what happens to me too, they get grayed out and go into "perma-hold". Also, even after I refresh my dashboard, it still doesn't show correctly. The dashboard will say they're on when they're actually off, and vise versa.

There's really no place to put an extender anywhere between the hub and the switch, not even a foot closer. Although, I could try putting them next to the hub and the switch, if you think that would help. Also, I've done a few Z-Wave repairs with no effect.

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Well this is interesting ... I just attempted to turn the switches on/off and they worked this time, with about a 5 second delay. I'll have to do more testing to see if it stays that way, although, I have no expectation it will continue to work properly. Could it be that the Range Extender 7 actually helped? BTW, the Range Extender is actually about 10 feet farther away than the switch, which seems counter intuitive.

Never mind ... it won't work again.

just tested again and its responding to digital commands

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Interesting. Do you think it will continue to be temperamental and quit working again

3 days experance is saying full function is intermitant, ironacly for my devices, power and dimmer level reports are getting processed, just not on / off

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was working then, stopped working, can see power reports so light is on but the on report hasnt been sent

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Mine is similar, but now it's "usually" just a major time lag between when I flip the digital switch, to when is updates my Dashboard. It seems like they're often out of sync.

Here's the events for Garage switch 1. For now it's somewhat responsive.