Adding Kwikset 620 - Device reads "Discover"

Adding two Kwikset 620's. Well, trying to. Any suggestions are welcome.

Front Door - Connects directly, but never completes. There was a message about "bootstrapping", but nothing happened. It never gets past this situation:

Back Door - Nada. I have three repeating devices within 10 feet and get literally nothing. I tried excluding, including ... Nada.

It's a failed pairing. 1st, is that the only z-wave device in your z-wave settings page? If not please post your entire z-wave details page. If you have ghosts we need to remove them first.

power down the lock, then hit refresh until the remove button appears, then remove the device...

Power the lock back up and factory reset and attempt to pair again with the lock and the hub within 3 feet of each other otherwise the whisper pairing won't complete

Z-Wave details (in 3 screenshots, because I can't seem to get any of the full page capture tricks to work):

Ugh. If I knew that it was whispering, then I would have paired before the door installers started. They are doing the trim work now, so additional activity at the lock will have to wait a few hours. When I get to that point, does having a Z-wave stick gain me anything. Not keen on removing freshly installed deadbolts and/or getting a network cable to stretch to the ends of the house.

Did the following:
Excluded from HE
Removed via UZB stick (marked Is Failed, removed Failed)
Factory reset the lock
Included via UZB stick (3 feet away)

Exact same situation ... shows up with "Discover". Pressing the discover button (at least 4 times) does nothing.

If it helps, here are the details that are showing in Z-Wave PC Controller:

You have 3 ghosts besides your lock from those repeaters. You need to remove those before you do anything more. Then if you can get the hub closer to the lock or just remove the lock from the door that will be your best bet. Either way you're gonna have problems pairing with all those ghosts

Not sure if I misunderstood, but are you suggesting that the repeaters are ghosts? They are a substantial part of my overall mesh topology, so I am a bit confused.

Also, am I to understand that using the Z-wave stick adds no value, even if standing right next to the lock? Not that investing $20 in a 100-foot Cat 6 cable is such a huge deal, but I am having a hard time wrapping my head around both the hub (next room) and stick (<3 ft) getting stuck at the same point of inclusion. I chose this specific model due to various reports of easy pairing in place, so something seems awry.

The stick can help pair if it is a paired as a secondary controller. The issue is your repeaters have no routes. The lock needs to whisper its encryption sequence to the hub so needs to be within a couple of feet of eachother. (Schlage does the same thing)

Thanks. Charging a USB power pack now and getting the network cable tonight. Just going to walk the hub right to each lock and not waste more time understanding the stick issues. A man's gotta know his limitations.

Routes probably didn't show on the repeaters due to updating the hub. They are populated now.

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might be easier just to take the lock off and lay it down next to the hub (that's what I do)

I admit the seemingly irrational side of my frustration. If I take a screwdriver to these locks, then it will be to return them.

Moved the hub within 2 inches. After several iterations (exclusion, checking the UZB stick to make sure no ghosts, factory reset, inclusion), I decided to try SmartStart. Pulled the battery for 30 seconds, reinserted, and boom - front door done.

Just my luck, I now see that the Kwikset 914 contemporary matte black Zigbee is back in stock. I could have saved hours of my life. That was my first choice but was unavailable for a while.

I sincerely appreciate you taking a swing at this @rlithgow1 . Off to finish the back door.

Edit: Back door also added in seconds with hub nearby and using SmartStart. Not marking it as a solution, because it is just working around a flaw from Kwikset. Their instructions literally warn you to not power the lock until it is installed on the door ... at which point you cannot pair the device without jumping through hoops.

You got this to work on a C-8?? I'm having a hell of a time like you were. Tried SmartStart but that doesn't seem to be functioning right. QQR code scanned and picked up, I enter a name but then the SmartStart list is blank. Tried manual code entry also and doesn't seem to work either.

This was on a C7 (months before C8 was actively rumored).

Thanks, figured out the user error..... I have 2 hubs, 2 different locations. Didn't realize the app requires you to go into settings to actually switch between hubs, thought it was when I selected via my registered hubs, ended up I was not on the local hub. Needless to say factory reset and SmartStart and it works.

Glad it worked!

I just purchased one of these. Can't get it to pair. Did the usual pairing method. Moved hub right next to lock. After multiple tries, no luck. It would say device found initializing and that was as far as it got.

So tried the SmartStart. Scanned code ok. Pulled battery. Waited a minute or so, Plugged battery back in. Still no luck. In Smart start it says pending. Is there something else I need to do here?

C8 Hub.

Sorry, my memory is quite faded and was on a C7 (not sure if that matters).

Not sure if @jlomaga might have a clearer recollection?

Can you please post your z-wave details screen in its entirety?

Hope this is what you want to see. Had to split it up.

Ok on that last one. Disconnect power to the lock. Click refresh on that line. Wait for the remove button to show up. Click remove and wait. It should remove. May take a couple of tries. Once you do, shut down the hub, unplug for 5 mins, factory reset the lock, power the hub back up, and then attempt a re pairing within 3 feet of the hub. On a side note, aside from the ghost, your mesh looks really good.