Connecting C-8 hub to kwikset 620 lock

I'm having trouble connecting the Hubitat model C-8 with a kwikset home connect 620 smart lock. I don't see the 620 in the device add menu. Does that mean the 620 will not connect to the C-8 hub?

Not necessarily. It just means it has not been tested with the C8 hub. It may work just fine. In fact there's a report here of the kwikset lock pairing to the C7...

Z-Wave locks can be a bit tricky. They're generally FLIRs devices so they need a beaming repeater close by. With the C8 and the external z-wave antenna that may not be the case. Some of them also pair with really low power as a security measure so you have to be within feet of the hub for the original pairing (but not for general use). The kwikset manual makes no mention of it so that may not be the case.

I have a 620 connected to my C-8 and it works very well. Sometimes they'll pair with the wrong driver, so make sure you change it to the Generic ZWave Lock driver and hit Configure after you get it paired. Generally needs to be paired about 3 feet away from the hub, and then moved to its final location.

Proximity is a big thing with these locks for pairing. I have 4 and there are times where I had to bring Mohammed to the mountain over the years.
I also find mine have traditionally paired as Schlage locks and I have had to change that to Z-Wave Generic and Configure.

Kwikset 620 is the singular reason that I have a 100 ft long CAT6 cable. My tale of woe was documented on the forum about 10 months ago.

Fortunately in OP's case the C8 resolves that particular need :slight_smile:

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Now that I look back, proximity never ended up being my solution. SmartStart worked instead.

Just another example of pairing this lock to a C7. For me, I had to have the lock within about a foot of the hub, more than that (about 2 feet) the pairing would start but then fail. As soon as I moved it closer, it paired without an issue. Like others have said, every time I paired it, it showed as an Aeotec Siren 6 at first. I had to update the driver to the z-wave generic lock. Just doing the configure trick didn't work for me as it was still showing all the various siren sounds on the right hand side. Once I did a hub reboot, everything was clean as just being the z-wave lock. Still playing with the lock but so far seems easier than my Schlage in terms of needing to do anything for reporting events and such. It just seems to work out of the box...