- Zigbee plugs are found but do not function

Ok, this confirms that the plugs have fallen off the Zigbee network : (

How close to the hub are you trying to pair the plugs? Can you temporarily bring one of these very close to your C-8 hub and try the magic pairing procedure again?

Clear the live logs and at the end post what is seen at both the device filtered log and on the Hub live log.

The reason I ruled out proximity is because 1 of the 6 is less than 10 ft from the HE. Let me experiment with right next to the HE as you state and I will update shortly.

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kkossev, you called it and found the problem.

However, it's not what you think. ALL the new SONOFF do not work. The DOGAIN is a red herring. It couldn't connect to the network due to one of the key SONOFF extenders being offline. All the SONOFF S40ZBTPB are NOT working. There isn't a single one in the house that pair or respond.

Any idea what is going on?

OK, knowing that the DOGAIN plug is working now, we can concentrate on the SONOFF S40ZBTPB only.

BTW, what is the power level of your C-8 radio?

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You were right yet again. But, it took some waiting and multiple tries with the S40. I put them within 5 FT of the HE and 2 attempts for magic connect before they registered. I have now done 2 of them successfully. I will see if they hold and continue to add the ones that are flashing continuously. (All S40)

Power level is 20. I don't recall if I changed as part of testing or back when I had wifi issues a year ago. All I know is I had the drop offs after the last update. Are you suggesting I move to channel 20 and power level 4?

BTW, what is your thoughts on why the S40 seem to be impacted?

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Keep the channel as it is now, the problem is not in the channel number.

However, I would recommend to lower the C-8 Zigbee radio level to 4 (or maximum 8). The reason is that with such a high power (20) you create a huge asymmetry between the receiving and the transmitting capabilities of the end devices. The end devices are low-power, they will hear the very strong C-8 hub and will try to send the messages directly. However, as their signal is much weaker, the C-8 will not hear / will not decode their messages!

The C-8 Zigbee high power creates more problems, than bringing anything good in my opinion. Lower the power to 4 or 8. I think that the Hubitat default setting is now 8, so don't increase the power to higher than that.

I don't have any Sonoff S40 outlets, so I don't know why they played flaky.


I flagged your solution and hopefully all stable now.

Big thanks again @kkossev! I pm'd you as well.


Hi all

I report that I have the same problem mentioned in the topic.
I have a C-7 using zigbee on channel 20.
I've restored to and all zigbee devices are working fine again.

Hope this info helps.

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So, I am back. Less than 2 weeks later my network is fubar'd again. Rules aren't firing. Some additional details:
Only a few of the plugs (SONOFF S30) seem to have devices passing through. The S40 go into fast flash state. Cannot pair either the S40 or the DOGAIN. They have zero devices attached in graph. I will try the steps again to pair without hop near the HE.

This shouldn't be happening. I had almost a year without issues prior to the update. Something changed and it is obvious by other posts that there are others impacted.

If you are not relying on any 2.3.9 features (EZ Dash or Zwave LR) then roll back to and see if the problem stops. You may still need to get the devices paired again but if the issue is caused by the update then they should not fail again.

Also, I think a lot of people have had issues with the Sonoff S40 plugs being bad repeaters. I have two of them and they get into that constant flash a lot (not sure why). Usually a toggle on/off makes it stop. I do not have a ton of other zigbee devices so those S40 plugs are not critical to my mesh.


They do seem terribly weak, signal wise. I have 2 of them that have been perfectly well behaved, but I have never seen anything repeat through them. I do have them on my ‘Zigbee lights’ mesh where they can’t do any real harm since there are 36 other repeating devices on it.
Here you can see that despite being surrounded by Zigbee repeaters, neither has a single strong connection to anything.

I was successful re-pairing devices through proximity to HE using the kkossev process. (avoid repeater)

I found the build finally on my mobile. I will downgrade to 140 per the earlier instructions for restore. (diagnostic tool)

Note I downgraded to signal strength of 8 for zigbee back when I got things fixed. (originally 25)

I agree @jtp10181 . I do agree that S40 are constantly flashing and not helping. I will look to dump them. However, the DOGAIN were rock solid as well until lately.

A couple of good/recommended dedicated Zigbee repeaters below for when you replace the potentially troublesome SonOff plugs. These are repeaters only.


This may be the weird way Sonoff have implemented online/offline status checking when paired to their hubs...

Can you try this driver with the S40s before dumping them?

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I rolled back to 140. Let me see if I can stabilize and will absolutely test that driver.


The S40 lasted 1 night after downgrade to .140 then started dropping attached devices and do not respond. I haven't checked the DOGAIN as of yet. I re-paired 1 S40 this a.m. and I am now using @kkossev driver and will do more testing.

Edit: I updated driver for 2 of the worst offenders: 1. S40LITE 2. I stand corrected: S31 Lite zb

The S40 perpetually goes offline now. It keeps showing up during zigbee add process.

Can you enable the Debug logging and post some minutes of what is seen in the live logs?
.... I am not quite sure that I understand correctly what you mean by ' perpetually goes offline'' ...

There is a ping() button in the commands section. Does the plug respond to the ping commands in the first 1-2 minutes after you pair it? Does it stop responding later (you will see 'timeout' in the current states, instead of the round-trip time numeric values (in milliseconds).

Is the S40 plug close to the hub and paired using this procedure?

What happens is the unit begins flashing within 1 hour, becomes unresponsive to on/off commands and based on what I see in the graph, nothing connected to it. When I start a zigbee scan to add devices, it will show up again periodically without pairing it.

I won't be able to perform the tests you suggested for a bit due to work. I'll get back as soon as I can.

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I deleted my previous post - the problem was found to be a bug in an experimental new function in the driver.

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