2.2.7 Zigbee OTA updates

Checking this out now...
I'm updating a Hue outdoor sensor located in another building, more than 60 feet from my production hub.
It's taking its sweet time obviously as its routing through one or more repeaters, but its working as expected.
My Zigbee network consists of 8 outlets (GE and Sinope), three motion detectors and 4 bulbs.

I don't know why the Hue devices have issues updating on some peoples networks.

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I think tHey're finicky about repeaters. I had issues until I reset each sensor, paired it next to the hub, confirmed it was a direct child device of the hub and then updated. Worked perfectly.

Me too, but I have noticed that the motion sensors like routing through my GE dimmers and plugs, which @mike.maxwell has as well. Most everything else seems to route through my Samsung plugs.

If it can help finding out route cause of this issue, I can give Hubitat engineers access to my Hubitat hub to inspect.
Still no luck for me related to Hue firmware upgrade via Hubitat, actually never had on 2 my Hubitats...

I have a spare hub with no devices on it. Added my latest hue outdoor motion sensor to it, with the sensor within 4 feet of the hub, still fails to update. Tried multiple times per day for weeks still no dice.

I have 2 others back when OTA updates where first implemented and although it was a pain, I did get those to update many months ago following the procedure @aaiyar listed.

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I'm a long way behind reading through this thread, but the AlertMe / Iris V1 devices definitely had OTA updates. Though where you'd find a firmware file these days is anybody's guess.

well at least I am glad that after I was told that it's just me othere people have the same issue, which I brought ab weeks ago!

  1. I had a motion sensor connected directly to the hub and the same "error message".
  2. I fiddled around with the other hue stuff a looong time, but got them all updated - not with the motion sensor
  3. as I said many times it is totally different, when the message says "ImageFileName:null" or it actually starts and just does not go through and you can try again and it goes further (or not).
  4. Hence, for me it seems to be broken!

@mike.maxwell, I don't know how this actually works. But maybe - just an idea - it works for you because you trigged the update once before something got broken? I mean like the file already downloaded onto your hub and now is used and the new one is broken or does not get downloaded for users never used it before point x in time?

I am also struggling with this particular firmware. I have a pair of Osram TW bulbs, neither of which will take this update; they get to 80% and fail, initiating an update loop that can only be exited by rebooting the HE.

sys:12022-01-23 20:25:55.932 Starting firmware update for Bedroom Light East, OSRAM from 01020205 to 01020509.

sys:12022-01-23 20:22:11.500 Firmware update for [name:Bedroom Light East, manufacturer:OSRAM, imageFileName:110C-0008-01020509, fileVersion:01020509] is 80% complete.

I wonder if Ledvance may have published a bad firmware.

Unlikely that firmware has been around awhile. More likely a issue with your network or Hubitat. If it's getting to 80% I would say your network though. Have you down powered the lamp and tried again?

This has been an issue for a while.

I've got 3-4 of them... I just ignore it! (and don't update them)

same here.. gave up

It seems everyone has the same issue with that firmware for that bulb. It’s a relatively rare bulb and outside of HE and the now-discontinued Lightify gateway, I’m not aware of any vendor that offers an update mechanism for them, so it seems possible they’d not have noticed a bad image. I have two, both freshly paired, both within about 5 feet of my HE, both directly connected, both power cycled, both with the same issue.

They work fine with whatever firmware they’re on out of the box, though, so I’ll just let them continue to do so.

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Very possible this is the issue...

Am I just missing it, or is there no built-in way to select more than one device to start firmware updates on all of them?

This must be done on each device individually. I'd also suggest not doing more than one at a time, anyway--your network will be happier. :slight_smile:


Yea, firmware updates are a lot of data to pass on to the network relative to its' bandwidth capacity.

Already updated all my bulbs at the same time (going to each device and hitting the "Update" button manually). :smiley: Luckily, I have a decent download speed.

The "network" we're referring to is your Zigbee mesh, which tops out at 250 Kpbs.



My procedure with the Hue Outdoor sensors included moving the sensor next to the hub as you suggest here. I got this from you. Thank you! :smiley: :smiley:

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Could you get Gledopto firmwares as well please?