2.2.7 Zigbee OTA updates

The manufacturers need to send them to us.


okay so how do i make sure my devices are up to dat the firmware updater in biult in apps only seems to work for zwave. is there another app i need?

No app (that is indeed just for Z-Wave). If the driver you're using for your device supports it, there will be an "Update Firmware" command on the device detail page that you can (optionally) run on each device. The Logs page will tell you more about the status after it's run.

thank you tried to run on the Sylvania LIGHTIFY undercab light but nothing happens ill keep checking it

Then there is no updated firmware available. (If you open a log in a separate window you can see if it's updating or not. There won't be anything happening on the device screen) Zigbee firmware updates are only available if manufacturer has sent it to hubitat.

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I've always been curious why Hubitat (which promotes "running locally" as one of its primary selling features) requires us to perform Zigbee firmware updates via the 'Cloud' (Hubitat's server)

If we can get firmware from the manufacturer, why can't we use a local file for Zigbee OTA updates like we can with Zwave?

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I asked this about the cloud backup / migration back in the day. The response was pretty much these are not required functions for the operation of the hub. All necessary bits run local - The part where they store our data is on the cloud and we pay a fee to be able to access is optional.

Some manufacturers don't want their Zigbee files to be public.


Are you sure of that?

You want Hubitat to deploy every OTA firmware they get to your Hub for long term storage, just waiting for you to a) have the device and b) click to update a device?

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How about instead, when you click to update a device, your hub goes to a Cloud repository, downloads one specific file and deploys it. Discarding the download when done.

No, I think the request was for it to be like Z-Wave, where there is no such thing and you provide the firmware file as needed. :smiley:


And that's fine to use the existing method for those manufacturers.

But there are also manufacturers that allow us to download new firmware so why can't we have an option to select a local file for those cases?


Yes exactly. Ideally, we would be able to select a local file from the browser host machine, but if it had to be copied locally to the hubitat hub (like the zwave firmware updater) that would be ok too.

Well if you get some other firmware that we don't currently have, please be so kind as to send it to me so we can share it with all of our customers.

At this time we aren't going to create two separate Zigbee update methods.


I have a new firmware file for Zooz Zen30 double switch. Where should I send it?

Zooz is doing Zigbee now?


D'oH! :man_facepalming: My bad. I'm migrating a bunch of switches from Zwave to Zigbee and had a brain fart this Zooz switch is zwave. Sorry about that. :bowing_man:

There was an App at one time that did this. You picked the bulb manufacturer and model, plugged it into an outlet controlled by a smart switch or power adapter and it did the toggles for you. The guy (in the UK i think) pulled his apps and started his own website for distributing his code... I can't remember his name or site now. Maybe someone else can chime in.

Do you mean Andy (@Cobra)? I don't remember one of his apps doing this, but I could easily be wrong. Anyway, Andy's website (with considerable involvement from @Royski) is http://cobra-apps.co.uk/


What a coincidence! I was only looking at this last night when I booted up an old C4 for my office. :smiley:


Yeah Cobra, that was the guy! He made the app at my suggestion. I still have it installed. I use it to get my outside Sylvania spotlights back online at least twice a year.

I should have just looked there...