[2.2.5] - Assign static IP to your C5/C7 hub

There's now a way to assign a static IP to the hub's Ethernet connection, using a built in Settings - Networking configurator.

  • Provide new static IP address (which must belong to the same subnet as current DHCP provided one), default gateway (usually IP address of the router), and DNS server information.
  • Click Save and switch to static IP button to save configuration. Make sure you see a confirmation (or an error message if provided info is invalid).
  • Reboot the hub - this configuration will take take effect once reboot is completed.

If you saved static IP but changed your mind before rebooting, clicking Switch to DHCP now button will revert the changes. There's no need to reboot.

If you switched to static IP address and rebooted afterwards, clicking Switch to DHCP now button must be followed by a reboot for the hub to use DHCP again.

If your hub becomes inaccessible, you can reset it to use DHCP and reboot it by pressing and holding a hidden button on the bottom of the hub for 10 seconds. There's an audible click when button is pressed. It's mounted on a circuit board, so don't push too hard.