[2.2.4] Automations using Ecolink (and other battery powered) sensors delayed or unresponsive

I think I'm past the point of returning to 2.2.3.

I'm close to just replacing all my contact sensors with zigbees. Wouldn't it be ironic if there still was an issue. However, I'd like to keep one of the Ecolinks for the wood stove high temp notification, because of the external contacts. I guess I could do some soldering and convert a zigbee, but I'm pretty crude in that area...even my sweated pipe joints are sloppy looking.

It would be nice if @bcopeland could come up with something. I don't know if "venerated" is the right word, but I do believe Ecolink has a pretty good rep.

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Ha! Well. Guess I either don't need to follow this--or I need to convince about 5 neighbors to let me install range extenders in their houses for me (and re-write Z-wave to allow twice the hops). We have community mailboxes here--one per block. :frowning:


Have to say, I would love to see what happened if you did that for a day or so. Just as an experiment.

Oh sure. Easy peasy.

Yeah. That's a sucky trend here too.

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Still mailboxes on our front porch here and loving it. I assume it will go away at some point in the future, but enjoying it while I can.

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22 seconds on a different player. Ecolink sensor is in the rule. Good night.


Things were snappy / working at expected speeds this morning back on 2.2.3. This is the first time I've had no issues in the morning since the 2.2.4 upgrade... dunno what else to say... something changed between 2.2.3 to 2.2.4 that impacts my z-wave devices and automations triggered by contact sesnors. The ONLY other changes I made last night were the SAR 1.1. rules that I had to re-create elsewhere (RM or SAR 1.0) since those don't work on 2.2.3 (and cannot be remove...). As I had issues with the same automations running under both SAR and Rule Machine previously on 2.2.4, I don't believe the issue has anything to do with the apps involved with the automations.


Slowww again on one rule this AM. Fixed by cycling battery.

Hi @velvetfoot, did you ever bring up and monitor the ZW logs while you're having the 'slow' time to see what's going on? It's strange that an input (contact sensor) affects the outputs (switches and lights) after the initial 'I've detected a change' event. The only logical assumption is that the sensor is bombarding the ZW or causing a flood of some sort on the ZW and removing the battery 'resets' this event. Thus slowing down HE's ability to get the message out to turn off/on the devices until to get the sensor to stop by removing the battery.

Worked on 2.2.3, not on 2.2.4. The sensor didn't change.

Agree, it could be very interesting to see this info.

as i have repeadedly said there is nothing relavent in the logs.. if there is a packet storm it is below the logging level.. i had support review my hub while it was happenning.. i now have a packet sniffer but do not want to goto 2.2.4 again as i almost lost the whole hub and they had to manually restore the zwave firmware to get me back working.

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I too have seen nothing helpful at the logging level provided by the hub. I'd be happy to go back to 2.2.4 if someone from hubitat wanted to dig deeper into my hub, as I seem to be able to go back and forth (was able to do it last night).

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Thanks for the reminder...so many posts on this hard to remember what's been done/said. :slight_smile:

Now my garage door relay is affected.

This blows.

Understood, and completely agree that it seems to be firmware related. My thought process is that the new version of firmware may be handling more ZW messages (that may just be garage) that it previously ignored. So it's acting similar to that of a DoS attack on a IT system. But if @kahn-hubitat, already went down that path then my idea is moot.

Sorry, I didn't recall that @kahn-hubitat did work the ZW logs, with close to 400 posts I obviously forgot and was trying to be helpful.


As are we all. :slight_smile: But just a ton of stuff in multple threads to track, and it's not surprising when folks can't remember all the details. I keep calling my younger son "Hey you." :wink:

If I read it more than a few hours ago, I've already forgotten it. I filled up my brain with a bunch of IT crap and now there's not enough room for anything else.

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Hate to tell you this, but it gets worse! I used to have a functioning brain, but those days are long gone. ( I think I've finally found all of last years Easter eggs I hide)

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