[] Woke up to Slowwwww world - delays & non-responsive

Each app should have a debug log setting, and possibly other logging settings. Enable away to see what's going on.

You can also enable logging for devices.

I figure if the presence sensor device can get screwed up by upgrading from 2.2.3 to 2.2.4, so could some other device.

I deleted the one simple automation and it seems much snappier.
Below are before and after logs.
It seemed like some of the duplications have been eliminated.



Interesting. @bravenel might be interested in this.

It made a big difference in speed on that automation. In its heyday there would be a little lag between one string of lights turning on and another. Almost no lag now. (now being the operative word)

Slowwww again this morning. 15 seconds. It was real sharp and snappy at 12:30am, and slowwww at 7:30am.

Still snappy from dashboard.

It's at 145. I redid several other automations. Revisited EVERY automation and hit "done". Visited many devices and did the same. Shut down, pulled power, restarted.

Do I have to stay awake all night, opening doors, to find the exact time where things slow down? Maybe I'll pull the lan cord tonight. Something's going on overnight, and I don't think it's me.

This is starting to piss me off.

19 seconds:

15 seconds:

I lied. I went to bed after 1:30, because here is the real snappy response from the same automation last night:

Does it slow down after nightly maintenance I wonder?

7 seconds:

The ones above that I pasted are now running normally.

Followed all the recommended steps. All devices have been reading Ā« ok Ā» and a few of the routes cleaned up a bit, but performance is still unusable. After one or two automations or scene activations, the hub totally chokes. Seems to be very similar to what @velvetfoot is dealing with.

Iā€™m rolling-back to 2.2.3 :confused: Although z-wave performance was lacklustre, it was still semi-usable. Regrettably each public 2.2.4 build has been super problematic on my system.

Odd...maybe @gopher.ny can look at your logs, @rjlynch and @velvetfoot. When my hub was cratering Victor found some issues related to the Chromecast integration by looking at more detailed logs on his end, that I would not have been able to see. Maybe that could help w/your problems.

Speaking of Chromecast integration, I've searched in the forums and couldn't find any reference from staff about this.
I see that many people use the Chromecast helper by bptworld to keep the devices alive. What's annoying is that it generates 2 log entries per device per refresh, which, if you have lots of devices, can really crowd your logs.
Turning off debug logging doesn't stop the initialize messages.
Any thoughts?

I'd ask him directly on the release thread he created for his helper app.

Thanks, but it's not his app, it's the actual chromecast drivers that generate the logs

Ah, sorry, the way I read your post it sounded like the helper app was generating the log entries.

@gopher.ny is also probably the guy to ask for that. :slight_smile:

Late night again.
Working with @bobbyD in support.
Did soft reset and restore from backup. I understand Hubitat "sanitizes" backups...
Lost 12 devices, as in listed on z-wave details with no device name; do not appear on device list.
Lost 18 apps. When I say lost, I mean I can't get into them to edit for say, a missing device. Do I really remember what I did?
edit: Oh, and I lost ALL the zigbee devices.


Did you try just the one backup file? I always create a new one as backup, but you should have a couple of recent ones to choose from. Maybe a different one will have the missing stuff?

I was going back and forth on revisions, so I think there was only the one I used.
Maybe it's for the best, as far as building a better mesh.
But, I think the apps are going to a downer-no apparent recovery, not even printed documentation. Only the title simple auto gives to the app, and my imperfect memory.
Hey, but maybe they will also emerge better and stronger, lol.

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Well, I spent the last couple of days excluding and including devices. Have 3 Utilitech water sensors to go.

So, tonight I slowly started to add automations back in. 3 simple rules, 3 machine rules, a couple of notifications, and the zooz garage app.

Things were going really quick a little earlier.

Just now, I open the basement door, and.... 10 seconds before the lights turn on.

I'm fed up at this point. When I think of the money I wasted on all those devices...

edit: I'm gonna delete apps until I get to just the one.
Deleted the Zooz garage door app. That sped things up. Gotta get some sleep.

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