2.2.3 Update - Z-Wave Firmware Update Stuck

So, folks, what do we do when our C-7 has been showing this for half an hour?

Should I interrupt or not? The first part of the firmware update went fine, just this Z-Wave bit being weird.

If you are stuck at this point .. please power down completely .. and after power up give it a few minutes to settle. Then try again ..

I shall do so now!

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Well, I went through the exact same thing on an out-of-the-box C-7 yesterday. Turned in a support ticket but only got the autoresponder that has happened on all my tickets on my C-5 since May. Anyway, here is a brief summary that I posted late yesterday afternoon about the steps that I took to finally resolve it (I think):


Gonna read that now, the C-7 is still stuck saying the exact same thing.

Didn’t work for me. See support ticket 18066 for complete details. The only solution I could find was more drastic (Z-Wave Radio reset), but it was an empty hub, nothing paired.

I tried the update the first time the z-wave firmware became available, I got stuck at 34% I believe. I have not attempted that again since my network is working. It's been 11 days, maybe 12, since the first try.

Okay folks, how do I do that Z-Wave radio reset? I'm only using Zigbee on this hub, no devices to worry about on the Z-Wave side. I'm seeing this:

is there a new z-wave update with the latest update? i updated my C-7 last night and checked the z-wave update and it said I was already on the latest firmware

Select "Firmware Update" on the top

That just leads to being stuck with "Getting Device Versions" when I try to run the update.

No reset option there.

Your radio is disabled.. you must enable your radio and reboot before this update will work

Ah-ha, yes, turned it off to keep the radio noise down seeing as I'm not currently using it.

Trying again now.

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That's more like it!

And it's worked. Thanks, everyone!


Then, respectfully, that ought to be stated as a necessary part of the process in the Release Notes for the radio firmware update (part 2 of the 2.2.3 update notes). That wasn’t the problem, though, with my firmware update hanging yesterday.

It never hurts to add more detail. But I would argue that the radio needing to be turned on in order to update it should be obvious to most...


I agree with this statement. While it can be assumed the radio is on for most as they are using it as a z-wave hub, not everyone uses z-wave and thus can have it off to reduce noise. Just a quick note to say "ensure z-wave radio is enabled before upgrade" or something to let people know

One thing I've learned from being in support is to never assume. I've had to write out explicit instructions on some of the most basic things for "admins" to follow

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I know, I know. I will say that I'm okay with people breaking their stuff sometimes if they're not engaging their brain. I view it as a learning experience for them. :man_shrugging:

I'm a lot of fun to work with, if you can't tell... I'm very much a member of the "if you make it idiot-proof, you just make better idiots" camp.

I spend a lot of my time training engineers how to actually think, instead of just click buttons though, so my perspective is a little warped.

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Remember also, with the collapse of Wink and SmartThings, that there is an influx of new users to the Hubitat platform for whom the initial out-of-the-box process of updating platform and radio firmware is not obvious.

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