Pairing a new Aeotec siren 6

Are there any "tricks" to include this device? I have tried manually, and using the smartstart and it just isn't found The factory reset doesn't appear to complete, the instructions say it will make a noise an dI don't get that. Any ideas offered much appreciated. In trying to get a factory reset I do not get the audio at the 2-5 second mark in holding down the button. All the other ligh flashes and stuff appear normal.

Which hub are you using? C7 or C5?

Follow the directions here:

Some thoughts..

  • Make sure you are relatively close to the hub when pairing.
  • Maybe your battery is low for some reason? Sorry just realized it comes with a power cord, it does have an internal battery though but that should not impact things.
  • Try a general exclusion - on HE device page click on "Add Device" in upper right corner then "Start Z-Wave Exclusion" and then put the siren in exclusion mode per the above docs.. hopefully HE will report an unknown device excluded and you can try to pair again..
  • Contact Aeotec support as this is not a common issue. I have one and have not had any trouble pairing it. (am trying again just to be sure!)

From the docs:

Removing your Siren from a Z-Wave network.

Your Siren can be removed from your Z-Wave network at any time. It is always advised that you use your gateway to perform an unpair in order to avoid leaving phantom / failed nodes that become difficult to remove. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Place your gateway or controller into Z-Wave unpair or exclusion mode. (Please refer to your controller/gateway manual on how to do this)

  2. Press the Action Button 6x times in 2 seconds on your Siren.

  3. If your Siren has been successfully unpaired from your network, its LED will begin to blink slowly which indicates that it is ready to be paired again.

Reporting back - dug up my siren 6, did the reset thing, no tone but ended up with a pulsing light. In HE went into Z-Wave inclusion mode and then on the siren quickly tapped the action button in the back. Device was found and was able to pair without security.

Using a c7 hub,. I'll try the exclusion

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Was able to exclude by clicking on remove from the device page and then rapidly tapping the siren's action button 6 times. Inadvertently set off the tamper alarm which was festive and I'm sure my wife appreciated but was able remove/exclude from HE just fine.

So next tried to pair again this time with security. The siren was doing the slow pulse lighting thing and in HE went into pairing mode again then tapped the action button once. HE found the device and was able to pair securely using the first 5 digits of the key on the back (the underlined numbers bit).

Also was able to remove again as well..

Ha ha I am not having any luck here. I tried to exclude it and found nothing. Tried again to pair it, but no dice. I am going to contact Aeotec support. I think I might have a bum unit. Bummer it is a birthday present :((

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That sucks.. but at least I can confirm it works so if you can get a replacement you should be good to go..

You have done the latest Z-Wave firmware update for your hub right? Note: this is different than a regular hub update - go to the Z-Wave Settings page and see if you have the option to update the firmware.

Trying to update the firmware now and it gets stuck at getting device versions. Maybe it is a hub issue then

I have a c5 that I retired I might fire it up later and see if it can connect the siren 6

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That sounds like a good idea.

So kind of off topic but I am using my C5 for Zigbee devices since it's been my understanding that the Zigbee radio is the same between hubs. I still use the C7 for Z-Wave since it has the more advanced radio. You definitely want to upgrade the radio if you can.

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You may wish to see if this helps:

Shut down your C-7. Disconnect power for 30 seconds (always from the outlet end). Then power it back up again.

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After doing that might also try updating the firmware again.

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Well, I said I had a C5 but that was incorrect, I have a C4. I was able to get it to pair. So there is something going on with my C7. Would there be an argument for using the C4 for Zwave and the C7 for Zigbee? and meshing the two systems?

You could use a C4 but the Z-Wave radio chipset is older and you lose out on some of the improved routing and power capabilities.

C3,C4 & C5 have the 500 series chipset, C7 has the 700 series.

Also the C4 uses 64bit JVC which somewhat counter intuitively means more potential memory issues for the lower resource devices like the HE hub. Indeed Memory is exhausted faster than the C5 and C7 which are 32 bit.

If you tried the pull power trick and you could still not upgrade the radio firmware then I would consider contacting support. You could also try a soft reset but that does not affect the Z-Wave radio. Do NOT do a Z-Wave reset or you will lose all your existing pairing unless you have the migration service.

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I have an Aeotec Siren/Doorbell 6 on a C-7. You tried a power cycle (as opposed to a reboot) on your c-7?

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I haven't tried the power off yet. I will later today. I need to exclude it from my C4. Would the C4 be of any use for my Zigbee devices? They have always worked flawlessly on either HE. I have a dream of being able to control my heating system (Outdoor Reset system) using a hub and an Arduino for the relays and temp sensors. Possibly meshing the C4 to the C7 for rules. Sorry off topic

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Yes it should be fine to use the C4 for this like I'm doing with my C5s - one for Zigbee, the other for Cloud/Net devices & apps.