2.2.3 Update - Z-Wave Firmware Update Stuck

Just to be fair though... this is the first Z-Radio Firmware upgrade EVER on Hubitat. All of us are learning, and therefore the "oh, it has to be enabled" warning is also, first time ever :smiley:


I hate this camp, but totally agree. When I have to write a process for others and spell everything out like I'm trying to teach my toddler, I often wonder how some people have jobs as an engineer

Well, clearly I'd argue against that, but there you go. If you're not the system designer, who's to know that disabling the radio is doing anything other than switching off its transmit/receive functionality, but leaving the rest of the circuit accessible to the platform? There's one particular embedded platform I develop for where this is precisely the case.

To me the solution isn't additional documentation or blaming the end user for not realising. Just code in a check that turns the radio on if it's off before the firmware update is attempted, if that is what's required. Then, if you're being good, turn it off again once complete.

I'd also caution against inferring someone to be "an idiot" when they're posting on the platform's Support forum. It's not a great look.


New C-7 customer here, migrated from SmartThings. I just want to document what happened to me today, in case anyone else runs into a similar scenario.

I thought that I bricked my Z-Wave network with a failed Firmware update today. I clicked on the Firmware Update button and the update got stuck at "Getting Device Versions" step. After about 20 minutes stuck at that message, I shutdown the hub and powered it off. I powered it up again and waited for a few minutes to let things settle. Looking at the log, I saw some traffic from a couple battery powered motion sensors, but all of my mains powered dimmers and switches seemed to be unresponsive. I thought I was facing a total rebuild of my Z-Wave network and associated automations. After trying unsuccessfully to get devices to work, I again shutdown the hub and powered it off. After booting the hub this second time, I waited about 10 minutes and then tried some devices. Bingo! Some of the devices responded. Not all, but some. After more time, more devices were alive. I'm not sure if the hub was rebuilding the device list in the database or what, but all of my Z-Wave devices seem to be back.

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It sounds similar to turning off/disabling the ZWave radio. When you do the same with Zigbee, the devices are "hungry" to get back to their Controller... ZWave doesn't seem eager in that way. :smiley:

I'd love to know what happened. Scared the h*ll out of me, as I'd just spent hours moving Webcore automations over to HE.