Zooz Zwave devices just quit working

It didn't repair own its own (using the repair button). Should I remove and reinstall?
C1 and C2 are ZooZ Zen15 outlets that supply and monitor two dehumidifiers.

Responding to an earlier post, if you went all S2, wouldn't you have to keep track of all your S2 codes? What a hassle.

Yes, I should have used better terms. You can only set the encryption method during pairing (what I was trying to say with re-pairing vs using the repair feature).

If it's used in automations, you can leverage the Swap Apps Devices option from the main settings menu.

  1. Create a virtual device of the same device type (just pick the closest one from the list of virtual devices in the drop-down).
  2. Use Swap Apps Devices, pick the outlet as the old and the virtual as the new.
  3. Exclude the outlet and pair again. Select anything besides S0 (if prompted).
  4. Use Swap Apps again to put the outlet back.
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ten4. I got you now.
Good to know about swap apps option. I didn't know about that. I will work on converting the security levels on the outlets as time permits.

I'd say just that one at S0 is the main concern.


RE: Power metering devices (where they give you any sort of power / energy stats). Unless you use the info for something specific I would recommend configuring the devices to send the least amount of reports. For example on the ZEN15 if you only need the POWER, turn other stats off or set to longer intervals. Make sure the thresholds are set so you do not get a flurry of reports when the attached devices powers up/down. Turn on debug logging to see all the reports from the devices in the logs to verify how many reports are coming in. Try this driver for the ZEN15 (if you have 1.06 firmware) [DRIVER] Zooz Smart Plugs Advanced (ZEN04 / ZEN05 / ZEN14 / ZEN15)

Your C2 outlet seems to be the most problematic, it has a lot of hops and the most route changes. Also as mentioned it is paired with S0 which causes 3x the zwave traffic overhead.

08, 15, and 22 you said are offline? If possible I would bring them back online, your mesh could use more devices to be stronger. Are they plugs you could plug in somewhere? If so, I would try and position them so they are between your more problematic devices and the hub. Otherwise just power them up if possible. If you are not planning on using them anymore I would exclude / remove them to prevent any routing issues.


WIP update- Still working on things.

I did unpair/re-pair the Zooz plug [that was high in route changes and security 'Z0'.] Did this several times using the instructions for security pairing for device, but a no-go. It only loads Z0 even with a power cycle at the plug. But the dimmers seem to be better with the plug out of the mesh it was in, for the moment; I just haven't placed it physically back where it is supposed to be used. I will look at adding devices soon (from other hub, etc) since it seems that there is a population factor to the zwave mesh quality.

I am just a bit reticent to apply the time in moving things around in hopes of things solidifying on HE zwave, but I will try to send updates on whether I got the ship righted after working on it over the coming days.

You will need a z-wave stick to pair that to hubitat without security.

What "other" hubs do you have and how many total zwave devices do you have?
If you have more devices that are closer to the hub, or part way between the hub and further devices, adding those to this hub will increase the mesh strength and give better performance.

As @rlithgow1 said, if the device supports S0 (and not S2) per Si Labs specs Hubitat must pair it as S0 so thats what is probably happening. Its very tricky to pair it another way and requires a secondary controller with developer level software. If you can get it routing better with better neighbors, or less chatty it would help. What is the make/model and firmware version of this C2 outlet that wants to use S0?

There is another way that does not require the use of PC Controller.

Use an Aeotec Minimote to pair a device to a C-7 or C-8. It will pair with no security, which is the desired outcome in this situation. I haven’t tried any other hand-held secondary controllers, but this one certainly works.

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I don't find it a hassle. When I install a device I track things two ways:

  • I keep a spreadsheet of all devices, where they are, their 5 digit S2 DSK, what battery type they use, links to their instructions and how to include/exclude/re-pair. It's very helpful.
  • For hardwired devices I take a photo of them with the switch plate off. This way I have a picture of all the QR codes/DSKs should I need them in the future.

This helps with upkeep quite a bit and makes things easier to maintain in the future. I'm a fan of S2 and use it on every device that supports it on both ST and HE.


I think it might help with integrity of data reporting.

" What is the make/model and firmware version of this C2 outlet that wants to use S0?"

If I understand your question...
It is a ZooZ Zen15 and looks like firmware is

  • firmwareVersion: 1.6
    I didn't pick the manufacturer or driver, etc., just allowed HE to pick it up.

Post the details screen from the device page... (will be lower left where you see the firmware)

What driver is it using?

I assume the driver is 'type' classification, and that is 'Zooz power switch'.

No, it's above

Yes, the "Type" as he said...

yes. that is the type classification I report- it is zooz power switch.

FYI on use case. I do have the reporting limited on just power . The purpose of the two power plugs are to monitor dual dehumidifiers that I suspect occasionally get stuck in regen mode or not running as expected all the time. So the main goal is to be able to turn dehumes off and to monitor their power signature against humidity levels.

So I checked the manual and it looks like the ZEN15 has two different inclusion methods.
You should be able to get it to None security by excluding it and then including it again by clicking the button 3 times quickly. HOLDING the button puts it into secure inclusion mode!

You may want to use "Swap apps" to move your rules/apps to a temporary virtual device while you exclude and include again.


If you want full access to ALL the settings, you can use this driver instead of the built in one: [DRIVER] Zooz Smart Plugs Advanced (ZEN04 / ZEN05 / ZEN14 / ZEN15)


correct, I tried both. granted i only did the long hold after the power cycle.