Zooz Zen25 Trouble with S2 Authenticatation

I recently got some ZEN25 double outlet plugs to add as relays and automate some outlets around the house however despite hitting the button for "Add with security" during adoption the plugs will not prompt for the DSK key. I also checked the boxes and did not find anything that mentions DSK on it.

Has anyone gotten these plugs and successfully gotten them to connect to the hub WITH S2 authentication?

@JX22 You are better off adding that device (and pretty much any device besides locks and garage door stuff) WITHOUT security. This device is also known to be overly chatty and may give your mesh issues.


I purchased one during a sale THEN read the reports here. It's still sitting in my box of unloved ZWave devices. :slight_smile:


I have two that I used for a couple years.

Now they are sitting in a box.

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Even if you did use S2, I believe these are S2 Unauthenticated, which means you don't need to provide the DSK, just confirm it--but I think even that part may have been removed in a recent update. In any case, these devices seem to be quirky on the C-7, and pairing them without security (plus disabling power reporting, etc., to limit traffic) is the closest thing to a workaround that avoids the issue for many people, so I wouldn't recommend it in the first place. See the link above.

If you want to see how yours did pair, the Settings > Z-Wave Details table is the easiest way.


I should add that I had them both connected to my c7 without security, with reporting disabled as much as the driver allows and I think parameter 18 set to the recommended setting.

After months I started experiencing a slow down on my zwave and with @bobbyD help, he told me my hub was getting spammed and he recommended removing these devices. After that all good and I have never tried them again.


Thank you @steve.maddigan for the thread.

I had found that earlier and was reading through it. I will keep an eye on them however these plugs came with firmware 1.0 on them and the firmware updater in my C7 doesn't have the 2.0 firmware as an option so I'm also currently looking for that.


You need to contact Zooz, IRRC, and they will provide the correct firmware file for your device.


Yep! I did that just now actually so I'll wait to hear back from them.


I for one hate how zooz protect their FW downloads.
They say it's to protect us from ourselves so we don't program the wrong FW version into an incompatible version of the hardware. Well there is only one HW version of this device so here you go.


That said, zooz is very responsive. i'm sure they will provide the same link to you in a few hours.


@steve.maddigan I am right there with you......while I'm relatively new to this that also surprised me. Sure the built in updater might not have the latest firmware but I should be able to go to the manufacturer and download it directly from them instead of having to request it every time. That has to be annoying for their support people.

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AND you have to provide your original order # !!
A total PIA. Lol.

Thankfully I still had that since I only just received the plugs yesterday but that is ridiculous. Thank you for the file link @steve.maddigan! I've got that added to my C7 hub and i'm trying to figure out why it doesn't show up as a new section....is there a naming convention I need to use or should it just auto-populate?

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You need to go into the firmware updater app and upload the file to your hub in the file upload section before you can see it under the update section. It sounds like you did this but just stating just in case.

No there is no naming convention that has to be followed.

Yep! Definitely did the upload

and when I go to the device all I see is this:

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Right click on that - that is the device / FW you want to program. Then you should be able to pick the FW file to send to the device

OH........The UI doesn't make that clear........Thank you.

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Glad you got it !! Sorry for the delay replies. I had to run an errand.

All good! I'm just patiently waiting for this screen to change >.<

It should take that long to start sending. The complete file should complete in about 10 minutes.

Two things:

  1. Might try a reboot of your hub. I have noticed after programming a few switches that I get stuck like this and a reboot cleans things up.

  2. Distance matters. If your zen25 is not direct to your hub, may want to exclude and move it closer then include it for reprogramming. Even if it is direct, I would move it closer.

Note: most Zooz devices loose their zwave data when updating FW. Zooz recommended resetting the device and re-including it after a FW update.