Zooz Zen17 relay

Starting a thread here for the new Zen17 relay...

Mine arrives Saturday, but I probably won't get a chance to play with it till the following weekend (I'm planning to use it for the opener out in my detached garage - hoping current spring weather trend up here in MN holds out for while!)

Noticed the page linked above mentions requiring 2.2.6 or higher for Huibitat - perhaps an indication that release is coming soon? >> adjusts tin-foil hat <<

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The next release is always, forever,,, "coming soon." :smiley:


Very soon


Got it in hand today, but I won't be able to install out in garage for a while due to other stuff going on. Plus, I'd like to wait till official driver release.

I'll be using it for a single garage door, and I want to use 2 dry-contact N.O. / type-A reed sensors in hopes to got definite readings for both fully open and fully closed (long story, but I have my reasons).

Final setup depends on the driver release, but what I'm currently thinking is...

  • Keep wall switch wired directly to GDO

  • New wire from GDO to R1-NO / R1-C (that part from Zooz's instructions)

  • One reed sensor to S1/C, other to S2/C. Both sensors set up as Input Type = 10

Looking forward to it!

In the same boat, got 3, eagerly waiting for the 2.2.6.

Going to use 2 of them for my 2 door garages, replacing the MyQ as the integration with IFTTT became useless with their limit 3 rules. I got MyQ cheap, so that's ok.

The other will go to retrofit more sensors of the old security system from previous house owner, already using ZEN16 for 2 Radionics/Bosch motion sensors and recessed door contact.
I think I could use Konnected but just don't have time to dig into that.

Just noticed the price was raised by US$3, feeling good that I ordered earlier :grin:

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Woot! Now I know what I'll be doing this weekend - fun times out in the ol' garage!


@bcopeland Hey Bryan. Was just playing with the Zen17 on 2.2.6. Great Device Handler!

Quick question on the child devices - Sensor1 and Sensor2. I set them to contact sensor as I will be using them to monitor and confirm if water valves have been closed. (the valves send a ground when closed which will be hooked up to the sensor inputs of the Zen17)

As a contact sensor it should show 'closed' when the sensor lead is shorted to ground and 'open' when the the circuit is open. You have it the other way around! Wondering if that was on purpose or just an oversight on your side? I would prefer it to show closed when the sensor contact is shorted to ground and I am thinking most others would as well.

If you can make that change to the device handler it would be appreciated. Or let me know your thoughts if you did it that way purposefully.

Edit - And as an aside , I first included the device without S2 Security for testing. The contact sensors were showing a state change instantaneously. I then excluded and re-included with S2 Security. I was not expecting any difference in speed but the contact sensors state changes were noticeably lagging when compared to when the device was included without security. From instantaneous to close to a second lag. Scary, kind of! Did you notice this?

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In theory

The options are limited by the firmware options..

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@agnes.zooz. Hi Agnes. If what I am asking makes sense to you guys, if you could make that change in your next firmware it would be appreciated.

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I donโ€™t recall seeing this.. But Iโ€™ll re-test

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It's not Bryan, it's us! Soooo... there are 2 types of security open/close sensors and the more popular now behaves in a reverse way to the one that was tested by our team (don't ask...). Long story short, this will be fixed in the upcoming firmware update so no changes needed in the driver @bcopeland :wink:


When I added a Zen17 to my Hubitat network, it was recognized as a Zen16. When I asked Zooz Support about this, they replied:
The ZEN17 will need a custom driver to be fully recognized on Hubitat which is not ready yet, but we would be happy to send you an update once the item is fully integrated with Hubitat; we expect this to be completed shortly.
Zen16 has three relays; the Zen17 has two relays each with NO/NC current capacity of 20A/10A. Operation is otherwise similar.

Dont know how I missed your humor earlier but that is pretty damn funny. Since I'm 250 miles away from this water valve up in heavy snow country I hope the ground the valve sends when closed actually means the valve is closed. :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face:

Hmm. Never seen that before, but dont worry, I'm not going to ask. :wink: I just want to thank you for your quick response and agreement in making the change!

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The 2.2.6 Hubitat release that came out today has the dedicated driver for the Zen17 and should recognize it if you include the device in 2.2.6. If you update to that version you should be able to switch the Device Handler to the Zen17

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Hi @agnes.zooz... Forgive my unfamiliarity for how this typically works, but how will we users know when new firmware is available for the ZEN17 (as it's technically still in beta)?

Will its page on the Zooz or SmartestHouse site get updated with that info?

Thanks very much!!

They normally post the firmware release notes on the zooz site..

Sounds good, thanks. Perhaps just because it's still a beta device, but no page for it yet on the Zooz site itself. I'm guessing it's in the works though!

Yes exactly, we're working on the support pages now and I'll post a link with the release notes here too as soon as the page is live. So far, we're still gathering information before the new firmware is completed and published :slight_smile: Thanks again for everyone's feedback on the new device.