Zooz Universal Relay ZEN17 Compability with MyQ Chamberlain

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Getting into the realm of Z-Wave and looking to upgrade my garbage MyQ app with a Z-Wave service and came across the ZEN17 Universal Relay being used; however, I am wondering if it is still possible to hook up a Relay with my MyQ Chamberlain Garage Opener? I always on Zooz's description garage doors (will NOT work with MyQ or other smart openers) is something that disappoints me. Nevertheless, I have seen people solder their garage door button with the relay to operate it.

So my question is: Is it still viable to use this relay?

I have an older, dumb garage door opener that works with the ZEN17 natively. Many newer Security+ 2.0 doors will also work but need an extra component (ie a hacked remote). Garadget makes one you can buy and skip the soldering...


Whatever you do, don't follow Zooz's instructions for garage door control. There are much better & simpler ways to connect and configure the ZEN17 than they suggest.


@dylan.c That's awesome! Thanks for sharing this.

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The color of the learn button on the garage opener will tell you if you need that Security 2.0 "adapter" or not.

There are at least two garage door apps on this forum, one is the Zooz version, and there is another by LGK (Khan-Hubitat).

Use the JTP tool to set the Zen17 properly. It makes things a LOT easier. [DRIVER] Zooz Relays Advanced (ZEN17 / ZEN51 / ZEN52)

@dylan.c If you can add more clarification on my question, all that is needed is the Security+ 2.0 "Wired" Dry Contact Adapter, correct? I don't believe I would need a "Wireless" 3-Door or 1 Door since it will be hardwired to the relay.

@neonturbo Thanks for this. I know mine is the newer ones with the Yellow button for syncing to my Wi-Fi.

I would think the wired 1-button device would be fine, but like I said, I've never used one. Take the advice above and check for compatibility with your opener.

Then head over to this thread and read it thoroughly...


I sort of cheated on this one for a Genie opener. I bought a cheap compatible battery operated garage door remote on eBay, soldered wires to each of the button contacts, and ran them to the ZEN17 relay. One day I'll have to change the battery, but I think it only cost $8.

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This help out a lot guys. Thanks for the info. I have a Zooz Tilt/Shock Sensor and will need that adapter which @dylan.c provided like so. This helps out since my Garage Door opener is Security+ 2.0 (it has the yellow button).

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