[DRIVER] Zooz Relays Advanced (ZEN17 / ZEN51 / ZEN52)

Zooz Relay Drivers with the goal of exposing all advanced features and settings.

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Supported Models:

  • ZEN17 Companion ONLY - Driver v1.0.0, Min Firmware 1.04
  • ZEN51 Relay - Driver v0.2.0, Min Firmware 1.40
  • ZEN52 Double Relay - Driver v0.2.0, Min Firmware 1.40

Instructions For ZEN52: By default this driver will work with the child devices created by the stock Hubitat driver. For that to be less confusing there is only support for up to 2x button pushes posted on the parent device (using momentary switch). If you need to use 3x or higher, switch to the 'Device' driver, delete the child devices from the command button. Then, switch back to this driver, press Configure. Once that is complete, turn on the "Scene Events on Child" setting which will send the events to be posted on the child devices.

Instructions For ZEN17: ZEN17 Driver is a Companion to the stock Hubitat driver with the goal to make configuration easier. Since the advanced stuff of creating the child devices and catching the z-wave messages from the device works well on the stock driver why re-create it?

  1. SWITCH to this custom driver
  2. Refresh to confirm firmware/model (then refresh the page)
  3. Sync from the Device (command button)
  4. Adjust parameters not found on the main driver.
  5. Switch back and press CONFIGURE to make sure the childs are setup correctly.

Features and Tips


  • All configuration variables available with designated defaults per Zooz
  • ZEN17 Sync from Device to grab existing settings as a starting point

Reporting Issues

Reporting Issues
Please use GitHub to report any issues so each one can have its own conversation and tracking. Please provide as much info as you can including model, firmware and the "configVals" data string. Issues · jtp10181/Hubitat · GitHub

Must PRESS CONFIGURE BUTTON and check all your parameters after any driver changes.

You can find all the drivers on the Hubitat Package Manager (HPM)
HPM Install Guide: HOW TO: Install Hubitat Package Manager (or any other User App)
HPM Docs: https://hubitatpackagemanager.hubitatcommunity.com/

Or manually install from my GitHub Repository:

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Very cool, thank you for releasing this!

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Just posted a new driver for the ZEN51 relay, with a ZEN52 Double Relay driver soon to follow. I have min firmware listed as 1.40 which was released recently. I have not tested on anything below this, so it may work fine but Zooz advised me to update them to 1.40 as soon as received them so I am assuming some bugs got fixed.


Thanks Jeff! I replaced an old Qubino Flush with a Z51 in my unorthodox bath-fan setup, and although I'm not using any fancy options with the Z51, I still much prefer the easy-to-undertsand parameter setup you provide in your drivers. Thanks again!


Added ZEN52, in order to make it less confusing to support up to 5x button taps I am sending the events to the child devices if you turn a setting on. You will have to delete the child devices and re-create them with my driver so they are unlocked and using the central scene component driver which supports button events. More details will be added in the main post shortly.

[0.2.0] - 2021-08-22

  • Initial Release of ZEN52
  • Minor fixes for ZEN51
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