Zooz Double Plug (Zen25) child devices - Consistently not working from Dashboard (or at all)

LOL...yours will work perfectly, you realize that don't you. (Shhh...they're listening...)

We were able to replicate the issues on our side as well. S0 inclusion is probably the closest to having the device to work but it still shows up as the ZEN20 Power Strip (though you can use Ch1 and Ch2 to control the outlets on the plug individually). @mike.maxwell let me know if we can provide any additional information to get this resolved.

Can anything be done about the tons of power/voltage messages?-nevermind latest platform has fix.

And on my C4 hub I had the same experience, commands get backed up. The aeon micro switch above this zen25 plug, I can flip on/off rapid fire without a hiccup, but the Zen25 seems to get bogged down with close commands, off works instantly, the on command doesn't happen till a 4-5 second delay. I recently upgraded the zen25 to ver2.0 in hopes of fixing the issue, but it didn't help. I do not have the plug joined securely.

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I use three of these along with many other Zooz items without any real issues. They are inexpensive, fit behind furniture and work reliably. However, if I could completely shut down the power reporting reports, I would. I have the reporting disabled where I can but when you turn one of these off you always get left power is 0W, right power is 0W, double power is 0W, double current is 0A and double voltage is 0V. which to me seems a bit unnecessary since I just turned everything off.

mine is not working correctly either.. it is in the same room 20 feet from the hub in direct view of it. in a zwave outlet that works fine.. the outlet is always direct to the hub.. there are also two other repeaters in the same room and 3 other zwave swtiches.. this stupid thing keeps having delays and jumping routes to to one of the switches and to the basement then to the hub.. i repair it and it works fine at 100k and then 5 hours later has a stupid delayed route again.. i already updated to latest firmware.. i wanted it because i am using one of the sides as my zwave hubwatchdog test device (that is hidden under a desk so wife will not bitch i used up a plug) but when it picks a stupid route the test times go up.. there is definately something wrong with it.. now buying a different brand of dual control zwave and will try that..
this is going back..

Update to this driver in 2.2.4

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On previous Hub FW versions I had nothing but problems w/the Zen25 no matter where I put it. The good news is that w/the 2.2.4 beta it is a much better experience. The Zen25 has stayed connected and responds normally to on/off commands. But...I do think this plug doesn't like to be far from the hub.

Initially I tried the Zen25 at the other end of the house on the 2.2.4 hub FW beta - it didn't do well in that location, became non-responsive. As a compare, I have a GE/Jasco/Honeywell double plug even a little farther away and it hasn't given me any issues.

So I moved the Zen25closer to the hub and it's been doing fine since then. Running for several days w/out issue.

got new zen 25 for testing before sending one back to amazon.. is on latest f/w out of box.. there is somehting major wrong with the antenna or reception of these devices.. this one is paired literally 5 feet from the hub and no other zwave devices near it for about 4 feet.

it still is flakey and dropping back to other switches in the route and in general has bad reception.. see the picture.. all other devices in the same room are at -100

what does the new driver in latest hub firmware fix?

I'm not sure what the details are but the only entry in the beta release notes is below.

  • Fixed Zooz Double Plug child events

Bryan or Mike may know more...

@bcopeland, @mike.maxwell

Mine is working great near the hub at the moment. later today or tomorrow I'm going to move it for a little way and continue to place it and see if it holds up.

ya doesnt seem like an event issue.. seems more like some kind of reception issue with the radio.. weird becuase other zooz devices seem fine..

I remember them and Agnes at Zooz saying that a new\updated driver for the Zooz double plugs was coming in two.2.2.4. I don't think it's specifically called out In the release notes, but that's what they said if I remember correctly.

There may be a radio issue on top of whatever other issues that are as I had difficulty controlling the plug when it was at the farthest reach of my house.

update is coming in 2.2.4

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Thought I remembered that correctly...thanks for posting that here.

Funny, but the updated driver is not specifically mentioned in the beta release notes. Only mention is the one I posted above - "Fixed Zooz Double Plug child events."

switched to this plug at same location.. no further issues. it stays direct to hub with no repeaters at 100k as it should. times for hub watchdog testing also went down to around .3 now.. It is zwave plus although not shown directly in description only in picture.. Alas no power reporting though.


Haven't seen that one before - glad it's working for you. I'm going to move my Zooz to a more remote location today and see how it behaves. Close to the hub (12'/one wall) it's been fine. We'll see how it goes at the other end of the house...

Did you end up moving your Zooz double plugs to the other end of the house, and if so, are the plugs still working for you?

My double plug are only responsive if they're really close to the hub. They become unresponsive when I place them in the next room. Eventually, they freeze, and I can't even physically turn off a switch by pressing the button on the plug, I'm losing hope that they'll ever work properly again.

The plug has been fine down the hallway about 20+ feet away and through a wall and a door. Turns on and off reliably. If I remember, I'm going to move it to the master bedroom (farthest away it can be from the hub) later today as a torture test. Previously the plug was not usable in that spot. I have a GE double plug right near there that works fine so I know the mesh is good enough to support devices there. There is a Z-Wave Plus switch just three feet above that spot on the wall as well.

Just received 2 of these yesterday. Not having much success with them. Was hoping to use indoor with holiday lights.

Looking at logs, see a ton of energy sensing /info power hits, then logging stops. Flooding?

See this thread. there's info there on how to turn off the reporting by changing a parameter on the device. I recommend you do that, and keep an eye on that thread for potential updates on the double plug.

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