Zooz and smart bulb - how to get rid of the delay?

I'm trying to use the ZEN30 dimmer button to control a smart bulb.
Setup is complete and it works with an undesirable delay.

In the ZEN30, when you tap the upper paddle to turn the light on there is an animation on the LEDs (which is nice) however, the smart bulb will only turn on after that animation is complete which I'm guessing is when the switch report status to back to the hub. This takes about 2 seconds resulting on a bad experience.

It make sense when controlling physical load because the light is considered on after the ramp up is complete but since physical load is disabled, is there a way to get it to report faster?

I remember trying a ZEN27 and getting kind of the same experience.

By the way, I'm using Switch Bindings to sync the z-wave bulb and switch - great app.
I get that I could use z-wave association but this bulb is just a prototype, the idea is to use this with Hue bulbs.

Have you tried adjusting parameters 13 or 22?


Man, parameter 13 might do it.
I'm looking at the driver and "Dimmer Physical Ramp Rate" appear to be equivalent to 13 (I set it to instant). I don't see anything that resembles parameter 22, assuming I have to set it (in case it is not default), how would I do that? Is there a recommended app for that?

There's a driver called the Basic Z-Wave Tool. You change the driver of your device to that temporarily while you're adjusting parameters. Then change it back to the correct driver afterwards.

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Thanks guys, I will post here after I have a chance go there and see what it looks like after the changes.

@672southmain, @jwetzel1492 thanks for the tip and location of the tool.
It looks like it helped a bit but there is still a huge delay.

Here is a quick video. Just focus on the switch LED animation and you will be able to notice the magenta light turning on and off (or whatever color that is).

It is not terrible but not good either. If you are walking into a room you will be at the middle of it and it will still be dark :slight_smile:

Parameters look right to me: 13 is set to instant (no delay) and 22 is set to follow 13.


After watching my own video I noticed the LED "animation" was still going on meaning I still had a ramp up even after setting all parameters according to the documentation.

I contacted Zooz and got an updated driver which made it work, the "instant on/off" feature is working now but I believe I'm still stuck on a 1 second delay, unless I'm reading this wrong.

Based on the logs it looks to me there is always a one second delay between the time I press the button (or send a "on" command from HE) and the time the switch responds.

If this is the case I don't think there is anything that can be done here (keep in mind in these screenshots ramp was already set to "0" - instant on), am I right?

Turning it on from Hubitat's dashboard.

Turning it on by tapping on the switch

Gosh, 1second is still really slow.

Did you ever manage to solve it? I believe the Innovelli Red's had a firmware update a while back. Allowing the delay to be just 100ms which is an order of magnitude better than 1s.

Not really, this was just an experiment so at some point I configured the swtich to control the load it was supposed to, which it does really well.

After that I didn't have to time to experiment with smart bulbs anymore, I figure z-wave switches (no matter who the manufacturer is) and smart bulbs will probably be a bad idea anyways. If the home is down... I won't be able to turn the lights on or off.

If you are using Hue, you should always be able to control the lights, since the Hue bridge is local. I have some Zen77s and a couple Zen34s. The Zen34s seem to be faster, even though they are battery powered and furthest from the Hub, but still mostly using them to make adjustments to bulbs that are automated with Motion Lighting due to lag. My favorite controller by far is the Lutron Aurora, setup on my Hue bridges. It amazes me how fast the Philips bulbs respond.
EDIT: I did manage to get the Zen 77s to change the lights faster by using the custom driver by @jtp10181 and using Button Controller, instead of trying to mirror the dimmer. It's still nowhere close to the speed of the Aurora rotary dimmers on the Hue bridge, but it's acceptable for the use cases I have them for. I'm still blown away by how fast the Aurora dimmers work with Hue; wish they worked that well on HE :slightly_frowning_face: I was standing there like a kid, turning the dial back and forth with a group of lights following it like it was wired. Ridiculous.

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