Zooz 4 in driver new vs old

I asked about this here a while back and never got a response from @support_team and I have another issue.

On the old driver I had a refresh option, but not on the new version. When I click refresh or configure on the old driver a message appears in the logs saying it will refresh or configure on next device wake up. I only have the config option for the new driver but it shows nothing in the log when I click configure.

The reason I am looking at this is due to a virtual thermostat I use in our master bathroom. If there is no temperature update for more than 2 hours it will go in to emergency shutdown. The sensor only updates temperature when there is a 1 degree change. Sometimes the temp will not change for several hours during the night so in the morning if you set the thermostat to heat mode it shuts off. This is of course not a HE issue but a function of the driver. I had hoped I could refresh the sensor when the thermostat is switched to heat mode. Not sure it would resolve my issue but I can't try with the new driver. I am also still getting the error with the new driver as I mentioned in the other post.

Even if the driver had a refresh button it would not do an instant refresh. Its a sleepy battery device and it only listens for commands every 12 hours (by default).

Do you know what model of the ZSE40 you have exactly? Easiest way to figure it out would be the firmware. If the major version is 32, try out this driver instead: [DRIVER] Zooz Sensors Advanced (ZSE40 / ZSE44)

With that driver you could manually change the wakeup to be shorter to something like every 1 hour and then a refresh would happen at most within an hour of calling it. If you want to try it let me know I can tell you how to set the wakeup in the driver code or with a zwave command.

Major version less than 32 should still work on that driver but its not fully tested since I do not have an older one.

Yeah I saw that with the old driver as the message said it would not refresh until it woke up and the wake up interval was set at 43200, and figured it wasn't going to help me, I wondered if motion was detected if that woke it up but wasn't sure. It has 32.2 firmware , these are the original versions of the devices. I will try your driver and see how that works. Thanks for the info.

Motion would not make it wake up to listen for commands, just wakes up enough to send the motion report and that's it.

If you set the light threshold low enough, and a light came on I believe it will report temp, humidity, and light all at once. If you can automate the light in that room could even be a trick to get it to update?

Otherwise like I said you could set the wakeup to 1 hour and then do a refresh. May decrease battery life with basically 12x more wake ups than the default setting.

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