Zigbee wired temperature sensors

Found some zigbee wired temperature sensors here:


don't know the price yet but could be useful for people like me who wants to measure temperatures inside things (fridges, water tanks, deep inside machines, along pipes, etc)

Supposed to be recognized and used like a generic zigbee temperature sensor.


What is the question that you have about this device? And lets be clear with what you mean by "wired". You mean a remote temperature sensor from the body of the sensor. Are you asking if this device will work with Hubitat?

It is just an announcement. A find others might like.


Since it's in the Support category, I assumed he has some kind of question.

because most (just to don't say all because I found one) zigbee temperature sensors are wireless, NOT in the sense of wireless communication (obvious, zigbee is a wireless communication protocol), but wired of the sense that the sensor itself is wired to the communication module.

If I need to know the temperature of a water tank, I need to put a wired sensor (ds18b20, RTD, PTxx, etc) inside of the tank (because I can't submerge the temperature module, aka sensor and communication chip, into the tank). That's the advantage of what I called a wired temperature sensor.
And I didn't find any zigbee "wired" temperature sensor since today and I wanted to share this with you, like @zarthan wrote.

There was no question mark at the end of my post, but I assumed (and if not, somebody will deny this) that this kind of sensor should be recognized as a generic zigbee temperature sensor without any custom device written specially for HE.

If you know other zigbee wired temperature sensors, feel free to share, I'm highly interested !

Hope it clarify.

I don't see anywhere on the device's webpage that mentions ZHA (Zigbee Home Automation)...just zigbee. Zigbee is a set of frequencies. Just because a device uses Zigbee doesn't mean it will work with Hubitat. The device would have to support ZHA (or in the case of Zigbee 3.0, fall back to ZHA) in order to work with Hubitat. So, I would find out for sure one way or the other before buying one.

Correction: On the device "brochure" it mentions ZigBee Pro Home Automation 1.2, so yes, it should be compatible with Hubitat. Whether it would use the Generic driver would depend on what info is sent back and forth from the device.

And as far as "wired" vs. "wireless"...the easy way to distinguish this sensor is that it has an "external probe". That is probably more accurate a description than "wired'.

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thank you Ryan for your fast and complementary answer.
You're a serious add-on to this forum !

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So, do you know more zigbee temperature sensors with external probes ?
Coming from HVAC home automation (modbus, 1-wire, etc), I'm mostly interested.

No...most of the temp sensors in HA are almost "add-ons" to existing devices, such as with motion sensors or contact sensors. And in my experience, most of them are not all that accurate either. So, they're only useful for rough estimations. Nothing requiring that level of accuracy.

Ordered some Sonoff THC16 with ds18b20 sensors (external probes).
Will use them with drivers writen for HE.

Could/should be working. But worth the test, just for my pleasure (fish tank project)

I was actually looking for a zigbee version to replace my zwave Fibaro FGK-101's that are very similar to these that I use for freezers and fridges.

I didn't see anywhere on the link provided of them actually for sale, nor did the item number pull up anything on ebay or amazon.

Do you have any idea where these can be purchased from?

I wrote them today.
I'll post here their answer.

found this here: :thinking:

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Please post back your success/failure. I have two tanks and would love to get alerting on the temp with them.

So far, after 3 days, not a single answer :pensive:
not good, not good.

But I ordered some sonoff TH16 with external probes (hello @Ryan780, fast learner, he !). A firmware update and I have maybe my solution. Ok, it's not zigbee but it will be integrated into HE.

Anybody found a Zigbee or Zwave temperature sensor that supports a remote temperature probe such as the one in the OP? I want to monitor HVAC duct temperature. I have some RTD duct temperature probes but would rather NOT go custom with a Arduino or RPi setup.

Qubino devices take DS18B20 probes.

failure: the company didn't reply to my enquiry.
I'm now trying to interface my modbus devices (and 1-wire hooked slaves) to HE, through MQTT

What are you using for modbus integration with MQTT? Tasmota have some support, but I've not tested it yet, have some modbus devices I want to try at some point.

I happened to be looking at Climax's zigbee relay today. Found this earlier post

I have semaphore tbox plc's, running as masters (TCP/IP). Hooked to modbus slaves for the sensors
I have a windows machine with node-red and mosquitto installed.
Node-red polls some modbus addresses and send them (regularly or on change) to mosquitto.
The (alpha5 yet) MQTT App from @kevin manage the MQTT messages and dispatch them to HE virtual devices.
I can retrieve temperatures, energy level (int16), relays (coils) etc and display them in dashboards and/or use them in rules.
I also tried to send successfully commands from HE to modbus using the same channel and activate/deactivate relays.
I need to optimize this by loop polling and sorting the result. But the result is there :slight_smile: