Zigbee wired temperature sensors

I doubt they are looking for something :frowning: Or maybe not in America.
I asked them through my company and as an integrator. Zero answer.

That is very neat, I'll have to look at that a lot more. This seems much more robust than the Tasmota route I was considering. Thank you for sharing!

At first, I was a little bit disapointed that my old plc's will remain alone with their slaves. HE is nice because I manage lights/motion sensors with rules, and that's nice (and more difficult with plc's because you need to wire everything). But I'm more about home-automation "machine-side". I have a nice "old" geothermal unit with only a red light blinking in case of failures (and you need to browse the doc to understand the meaning of this flashing led). So I added temperature sensors, etc (begin of the story). Same for home-made water/solar tank I'm building. Etc. I like to measure flows, pressures, levels and those little things that are not related to confort.

From the beginning here, I wanted to link HE and my units. I learned a little bit more about apps, node-red, mosquitto, etc. Seems weird but not that difficult: the idea is always the same: rules and rules.
And modbus devices are extremely reliable (industrial) and slaves are relatively cheap. Ebay is full of them. I purchased recently another brand new plc for 100usd (official value: 1500usd). With embedded hmi and messaging features. Worth the try !

Have a look at Hubduino It works for adding multiple wired temperature and other types of sensors.

If I lived in a house I'd do the same... Not much to measure in an apartment compared to a house, but what there is I do want to add. It all looks very nice!
No ebay for me, living in China, but I do have the domestic version of Aliexpress (Taobao)...