Climax Technology devices

Is anyone using or know where Climax Technology devices could be purchased?
I've contacted them too, looking for resellers but without response.

Maybe they are just for system integrators\OEM?

It's a pity because they have lots of interesting Zigbee/Zwave devices (full list on the left)



Great find. But they look like they only deal through integrator's. If anyone is going to CES next month maybe they can hunt them down. They have one of the most comprehensive line cards I've seen. ZigBee pull cords! Motion, pet-proof motion, PIR motion, occupancy! And most things in ZigBee and zwave, WOW!

I've found their German branch as well, unfortunately in FAQs they make it clear that they are just a B2B company, with minimum quantity of 100 pcs for sensors:

Seems anyway that their sensors are easily re-branded, but it's hard to find them because they generally change also the name\product code.

I am not really interested in these devices but I know the server groups I am in often coordinate a group buy. Seems like something that would be useful from time to time if we were to run across scenarios like this.