Zigbee mesh gone haywire on C8 Pro

Swapped it for another ST outlet I already had meshed but wasn't using, then redeployed the one that was playing up to control another device that I didn't need webcore to power cycle.

Just completed the reboot, got even more blanks in the Last message table now

Getting hub load alerts now, and some spikes in cpu load/temp and database size, no errors but a couple new webcore warnings;

Went round unplugging repeater outlets and removing batteries from all 26 failed devices which brought them back up. Any ideas why this happened?

Your logs are full of Warn messages...did those clear up after your devices came back online?

Maybe wait a few hours or more, then filter logs for Warn and Error messages.

Also look at your Logs>App Stats and Logs>Device Stats pages to see if any apps or devices are trying to eat your hub. :slight_smile:

The majority of the warning messages are because I was hitting configure on repeaters that wouldn't respond, and I've got zero error messages.

Webcore is at 31% on the app stats, but I use it for pretty much everything (120 odd pistons from memory). Everything else is around 0-5% (with only two pistons, the dashboard, and hue bridge at 5% ish, everything else running is below 3%).

OK, that's what I hoped about all the messages.

I haven't used Webcore since I moved to HE from ST, so no idea if that's normal for it, or if there any clues about it's behavior that might help. You might want to ask on the Webcore topic here:

You said the only recent change was:

That should not blow things up...

You migrated to the C8-Pro, or built the mesh from scratch?

Pinging @bertabcd1234 to see if he has any insights...

Thanks, I think it is similar to what I had on my C7, which I migrated from a few days ago. I had an issue with webcore during the migration that I posted on here and was able to resolve with community help thankfully, but beyond a small issue with my Withings integration (which is also posted on here), everything has been pretty smooth sailing until tonight. There was no warning, lights just stopped turning on when moving around the house, I checked the motion sensors and many weren't reacting, checked some outlets and most weren't responding, hit configure a few times to see if they would come back, then looked at the logs which had no errors, did a reboot with rebuild which didn't fix it, so shut it down for an hour or so while I got on with some work, and when it restarted it was still not working. I checked the zigbee details and noticed that a bunch of the devices had blank Last Message fields and posted on here for help. I remember seeing that the C8 had a few problems with the Zigbee mesh when it first came out, but couldn't find anyone with the same issue as me on here when I searched.

You may just have to play the waiting game now and see if you get a recurrance, or if it was a one-off (annoying) blip.

I asked about the webcore app usage, they confirmed that it's pretty low and not an issue.

I posted a couple days ago as I've been getting lots of "elevated" hub load alerts since migrating, with no real underlying reason for them (as the setup is the same as my C7 which never got any alerts), and I wondered if there was an issue with false alerts on the C8 Pro. Thinking out loud, if I was getting false load alerts, would that cause the hub to shut the zigbee radio down?

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Maybe we can get someone on the @support_team to look at your engineering logs.

Can you pm your hub's UID (on Hub Details page) to @support_team?

We have identified an issue with some network available devices that has been fixed in the next release. If you'd like, I can enable the beta updates on your Pro temporarily, to see if that helps.

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Yes please, that would be great, thank you. I was just in the middle of sending my UID to @support_team Should I still PM them?

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Yes, I'll grab your id from there so I can enroll your hub.

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Great, thank you, just sent it across. :pray:

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Got it. I enrolled your hub in the beta. Let us know if that helps


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