ZigBee Green Power

I'm currently looking into possible replacing a lot of my wall switched with energy harvesting ones.

My understanding is that currently Hubitat does not support Zigbee Green Power devices. What I wanted to understand is - is this a hardware constraint or is this something that theoretically could be addressed in a future software update? @mike.maxwell @bobbyD

It sounds encouraging:

"It is backward-compatible, meaning deployed Zigbee Green Power devices will still be interoperable years down the line."

"The Zigbee mesh network standard runs over IEEE 802.15.4, and green power has been part
of Zigbee for more than 10 years. The Zigbee Green Power protocol defines compressed,
secure, and highly optimized message traffic for ultra-low-power devices. It allows these
devices to send messages, in a reliable way, to destinations in the mesh network that may
be well beyond the range of these ultra-low power devices. The Zigbee network is always
on, and can receive and forward Zigbee Green Power messages at any time."

"The non-negotiable rule in the Zigbee Alliance is interoperability and backwards
compatibility. This means that your deployed Zigbee Green Power products will still be
interoperable in 20 years."

Looking forward to hearing more . . .

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@mike.maxwell - any update on this? If it turns out to be a hardware limitation then I have a plan to use an enocean dongle with a openhab instance with a custom app to receive the data in Hubitat... but if we are likely to see zigbee green power added to Hubitat via a software update... then I’ll wait for that instead!

Green power support is not on the horizon, sorry man.