ZigBee Green Power

I'm currently looking into possible replacing a lot of my wall switched with energy harvesting ones.

My understanding is that currently Hubitat does not support Zigbee Green Power devices. What I wanted to understand is - is this a hardware constraint or is this something that theoretically could be addressed in a future software update? @mike.maxwell @bobbyD

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It sounds encouraging:

"It is backward-compatible, meaning deployed Zigbee Green Power devices will still be interoperable years down the line."

"The Zigbee mesh network standard runs over IEEE 802.15.4, and green power has been part
of Zigbee for more than 10 years. The Zigbee Green Power protocol defines compressed,
secure, and highly optimized message traffic for ultra-low-power devices. It allows these
devices to send messages, in a reliable way, to destinations in the mesh network that may
be well beyond the range of these ultra-low power devices. The Zigbee network is always
on, and can receive and forward Zigbee Green Power messages at any time."

"The non-negotiable rule in the Zigbee Alliance is interoperability and backwards
compatibility. This means that your deployed Zigbee Green Power products will still be
interoperable in 20 years."

Looking forward to hearing more . . .


@mike.maxwell - any update on this? If it turns out to be a hardware limitation then I have a plan to use an enocean dongle with a openhab instance with a custom app to receive the data in Hubitat... but if we are likely to see zigbee green power added to Hubitat via a software update... then I’ll wait for that instead!

Green power support is not on the horizon, sorry man.



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I'm new to the community, so I'm not sure whether bumping a old post or making a new one is best :slight_smile:

But this post is my exact question, and if this has made it onto Hubitat's radar for support?

It has not.

I'm looking into doing something similar. Someone mentioned that Zigbee Green isn't supported on a different thread I posted about the Friends of Hue Smart Switches.

My question is, if I want to use a Zigbee Green Power switch with Hubitat in a more or less roundabout way, what would I need to do and how would I need to go about it? I have a Hue hub, but apparently I can't use the Hue hub to receive commands and then forward those to Hubitat based on this comment.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I could make this work?

Have you looked at [RELEASE] CoCoHue: Hue Bridge Integration (including scenes!)

No I haven't! Thanks, I'll check it out! I don't even have my hubs yet, still waiting for everything to arrive. Would this allow me to pass the commands that the Hue Hub receives from Zigbee Green Switches on to Hubitat?

I've been able to use EnOcean Switches (witch are pretty much identical to the Zigbee Green Power ones (the ZGP ones are based off the EnOcean design)) to integrate with Hubitat by using them with OpenHab and repurposing the OpenHab --> Smartthings integration to work with Hubitat

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So to pull something like this off, I would need an OpenHab hub, and then I'd need to play around with the OpenHab → Smartthings code, correct? Where can I learn more about this?

Yep so - this isn't typical with Hubitat, because for pretty much everything else its amazing and integrates very well - but for some reason they don't seem to see the importance of this particular tech and haven't prioritised it.

To do what I have done:


  • Raspberry pi or similar with OpenHab on it - easiest way to do this is to use OpenHabian - which is a pre built easy to install version that can be put on a Raspberry pi very simply.
  • A USB EnOcean Dongle... I used this one: Energy Harvesting Wireless Products in 868 MHz for Europe | EnOcean - Products | EnOcean (make sure you get the right frequency for your region (Europe / US))
  • The EnOcean switches + rocker buttons and frames. The switches are one of these two: PTM 210 or 215 (make sure you get the right frequency for your region (Europe / US)) - also just as an FYI the Zigbee Green Power version is PTM 216Z... just to show you how similar these things are - and I think that is the module that is inside the Hue Tap. Frames can be almost any compatible system55 frame (loads of manufactures and qualities). Rocker switches can either be 1 gang or 2 gang and have to be specifically compatible with these switches - there are a few manufacturer's that do this I can only think of 2 from memory but there are a lot more (Eltako & Gira).


  • I modified this integration: GitHub - BobRak/OpenHAB-Smartthings
  • I also made a custom version of the native virtual button device to allow it to detect button holds in the way that these buttons send the information
    If you are just integrating these buttons I can send you my modified version with instructions

I can't find EnOcean switches out here, unfortunately. Would you happen to have any idea if this method could work with any other Zigbee Green Switches?

Are you based in Europe? A quick google search shows a lot of options for buying: e.g this or this

It is probably possible to do this for ZGP as well.. but I havent done it - and its probably also possible to do a similar thing with Home Assistant as well

Yeah, I'm in Austria. Been looking at Amazon.de and one of the local price comparison websites and couldn't find them there. Thanks for the links :slight_smile:

What's ZGP? I don't have Home Assistant. Actually, I don't have the HE or the Hue Hub either. Waiting for both of those to arrive haha

Zigbee Green Power

I'm trying to set up a link between Hubitat and OpenHabian for zigbee green power switches as well. Could you share some more info on what you did, and perhaps share a link to the drivers you edited?

Sorry @lsstoel I only just saw this. Did you manage to do it? if not I can share some of what I have done with you

I don't know how things are in the US market, but in Europe there is an increase in the number of Zigbee Green Power devices sold. Often they are only labeled "Zigbee" and not "Zigbee Green Power". Since they don't work with habitat this creates the unfortunate situation where Hubitat owners (like myself) end up buying Zigbee devices that just don't work with Hubitat. And since the incompatibility seems to be at the radio-level, it's not something that can be fixed with community drivers.

Zigbee Green Power is based on Dotdot, and the specs are part of Zigbee 3.0. While I understand that it's a lot of work to implement support for new standards, I am not really sure Hubitat can continue to ignore this lack of support. The use of it is increasing, it's becoming hard for customers to distinguish working and non-working devices, and competing offerings with stated Zigbee 3.0 support seems to have no problems working with Zigbee Green Power devices.

It's been two years since the official stance was "it's not on the horizon". I'd like to politely ask staff to re-visit that decision, given the change in the ecosystem (@mike.maxwell). I don't think you can continue to run a "here be dragons" policy on this :wink:

More information is available here:


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