Does the Senic & Gira Friends of Hue Smart Switch work with Hubitat?

Just ordered a hub on the Black Friday sale and am putting together a cart on Amazon with a Hue hub, a bunch of lights and some plugs. I need to get a few smart switches; I can't change the switches that I have in my apartment nor can I wire new ones, so getting something wireless is imperative. I'm thinking of getting a couple of the Friends of Hue Smart Switches since they seem to be very customizable and don't even need batteries.

I can't seem to find anything about whether it's ZigBee or Z-Wave and about how it communicates with the Hue Hub. I also can't find any information about whether or not it works with Hubitat. Has anyone tried one of these or have leads about where I can find more info?

If they don't work, are there any similar alternatives y'all could recommend? I'll be picking them up on as I have some gift vouchers that I'd like to use :slight_smile:

I contacted the customer support and got this response. I don't know what the Zigbee Green Protocol is, though.

Ah I see. So then I can only use them with the Hue Hub.

So my plan is to have a Hue Hub connected to my Hubitat and all my Zigbee bulbs connected to the Hue Hub. In this sort of a setup, could I connect these switches to the Hue Hub, use the Hue Hub to collect responses from the switches, and then process these commands with Hubitat?

Are there any other similar switches I could use with Hubitat that you know of? Something that wouldn't need to be wired into the wall?

Thanks. I was actually considering getting some Hue Smart Buttons, so I guess I'll throw the dimmer switch in as well. Any idea if those buttons work well with the HE?

The Aeotec pad is super interesting (I don't care about the looks). Would love to get one of those. It's cheaper than what I had originally planned as well! Thanks!

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These are great Zigbee buttons to use with the Hubitat Hub. You can just have them laying around, hang on metal (they are magnetic) or mount them on the wall. Each button has 8 different function you can program on the hub.

Thanks. I couldn't those exact ones on, unfortunately. This one looks suspiciously similar, though (even has a picture that looks exactly like the one you posted). Do you know if it's the same, by any chance?

I've been reading up on using energy-harvesting switches but unfortunately it's an extremely convoluted process that might not even work :<

I might just pick up a few hue buttons and dimmers and wait till I move to a new place to get good switches.

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