Zigbee fan controller from Homedepot $35.00

This isn't a Hampton bay fan controller but uses that fan driver. This can be used with any fan (provided it fits in the canopy). They fit easy into our fans on the porch. Cost me $36.00. There is also an optional remote available for $25.00 (that's what the dip switches are for but the remote isn't needed for operation, it's simply a spiff if you want it.). The white wire with the block on the end is the zigbee antenna, the black wire is the RF antenna for the remote. Cap blue wire if your fan doesn't have lights.



Call Home Depot customer service 1-800-986-3460. Tell them you have a Gardinier 52” LED Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan, model #43260. Ask for part J (zigbee receiver), and Part K (The Remote)

The fan itself isn't sold anymore but the receivers are easy to get. They come through King Of Fans. (You could probably buy direct from King Of Fans)


Also looks available here

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Here's the manual

Does this pair as 2 devices, one for the fan and one for the remote?

No, the remote is RF and pairs with the fan

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I'm sorry, is the remote needed if you can pair with the zigbee radio and what specifically pairs as zigbee, the light or fan?

No, you do not need the remote, that is purely optional. The unit pairs as zigbee and can be controlled by whatever through hubitat. You can run the remote in parallel if you want but it isn't needed.

So when paired via Zigbee, no remote, what pairs, the fan, the light or both?

You can leave the remote out of the equation, Pair the controller, driver handles everything , fan speed and light on/off.

Now if you decide you want the remote just to have it, simply set the dip switches on the module and the remote. That will run in parallel and not affect the functionality of using hubitat with it.


Bingo! This is what I was looking for. This is perfect for me as my fan in question has just started going wonky with the remote plus it's on a circuit that was not wired for a fan so only power on/off function to the fan.

Thanks for the info.

As far as I can tell, this has always been the company that supplied the in-ceiling modules and RF remotes for the Hampton bay zigbee fan controllers.

Before they were consistently available at Home Depot, it was possible to order the parts direct from King of Fans back then too.


Hmm, I didn't think It was the hampton bay one based on the line. I certainly could be wrong...(I likely am, lol) But hey, either way it works and works well :slight_smile: And a cheap retrofit

Something to keep in mind, if it's the KOF controller, you will most likely need a zigbee repeater in the same room as the fan to keep it connected to the zigbee mesh.


I haven't had this problem. The nearest zigbee repeater here is midway through the house.

I've got a bank of 5 Iris V2 plugs in a plastic enclosure within about 25' LOS.

I can’t say for sure it’s the exact same device, but KOF was the supplier for replacement parts on the Hampton bay branded zigbee fan controller, which is a Home Depot brand. And so is Home Decorators collection, which the Gardinier fan is a part of. So most likely?

Like most people that have used the Hampton bay fan controller, I also found its zigbee connection behavior to be shockingly bad without a very nearby repeater. But that wasn’t a deal breaker for me, particularly since there doesn’t seem to be anything like it that supports zigbee.


I think that @neonturbo experimented with changing the antenna on his. And memory says it helps.


I have three that have been working well for a couple of years. I did have to change the location of the antenna on one of them to keep it working.