Zigbee Channel with two Hue Hubs

I am a recent Wink refuge. In making the transfer to Hubitat, I am trying to ensure I have a solid zigbee mesh. Currently, all zigbee devices are Hue (lights, motion and switches) except for one. The one I just added to Hubitat. I am looking to add more zigbee devices. Both my Hue hubs use channel 20 and Hubitat is also using channel 20. My 2.4 is on channel 11. My 2.4 works best on that channel. It's my understanding that my Hue hubs should be on separate channels as well as Hubitat on it's own channel. I would like to leave my main Hue Hub on 20.

What would be the best channels for Hubitat and the 2nd Hue hub? My main concern is adding future zigbee devices. Adding everything into Hubitat has been flawless so far. I want to keep it that way.

I would try Hubitat on Zigbee channel 15. Put the Hue hubs on channel 20 and 25. As long as you use 20MHz channel width for your 2.4GHz WiFi on channel 11, it should be alright. I would not use Zigbee channel 26, as it is limited to lower power due to FCC regulations, IIRC.



Be aware a lot of zigbee bulbs are ZLL 1.2 and make horrible repeaters for ZHA based zigbee devices (sensors and whatnot) It is recommended to isolate these on their own mesh either with another hubitat or HUE bridge. The exception to this are Sengled bulbs because they don't repeat or Zigbee 3.0 bulbs. I would put Hubitat on 15 and Hue on 20.

As I stated above, bulbs on Hue, all other zigbee devices on Hubitat and you should be good. I personally like Cocohue integration over the built in integration but for now the built in should get you started. One other note. For hubitat and hue and any other IOT devices you're incorporating, use your router's DHCP server to set reservations for those devices so they don't change their IP.

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Thank you @ogiewon and @rlithgow1 for the recommendation on the channels. :smiley:

I only have Hue devices for lighting with no plans to try others atm. So keeping bulbs on the Hue Hubs is what I am going to have going forward. I am going to move my motion sensors over to Hubitat eventually for better rule management. I have installed Cocohue for both hubs but I haven't added any rules to use it yet. I find the Hue App to be limited when I want more than two time frames for a rule. I have to make sure any new rules pass hubby test.

I had been pretty good about assigning static IP's for my IOT's except after checking, my Hue Hubs are still DHCP. Thanks for the reminder to change that.

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Do it on the router not the hubs. Makes management much easier. Yes, with cocohue installed, hubitat does all the rules, you can ignore using the Hue app...Ask lots of questions!!! And certainly install Hubitat Package Manager if you have not already!

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If you are going to move all your switches and sensors from Hue to Hubitat. There's no reason to have 2 hues bridges. Unless you are having more than 50 Hue bulbs?

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I have 77 bulbs, bollards, spots, and iconics with all their holiday scenes, so I do need 2 hubs. I only have a few motion sensors and switch modules. Those will be moved over as well as the automation's once I have a better understanding for doing more complicated rules. I am just taking it slow and learning before I just plunge in.