Zen16 v2 garage door

Just to be clear, when the door opens, the sensor initially registers "Open" as hoped, but then goes back to "Closed" ~1" later?

Does it stay in the "Closed" status once the door is open too? Does its state changed at all when the door is closed, or does it just stay Closed throughout the entire time of a door-cycle (except for that initial ~1" burble)?

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that is correct.


Did you power cycle the ZEN16 AFTER changing the input settings (as indicated in the note on the settings box)? If you do not do that the reporting is all screwy, some sort of firmware issue. In my testing it always worked correctly after you unplug / replug the Zen16 (power cycle).

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yes, I have always rebooted after a change to the Sw section.

I dont see why the device would report anything different than what a meter is telling you? Can you post a picture of the wiring? Also, what type of sensor is it (link to product info?)

I have one sitting here that I used for testing and just use a jumper wire to open and close the switch, always works fine for me.

did you also confirm it does or does not work using the jumper for full cycles in real world setup instead of the open/close switch? does the same thing happen if you run full cycles and use the jumper instead of the switch?

I also had issue with the zen16 until I did a full exclude and include again then everything started working.

you can see my setup on the following post...

I also did this quick drawing to illustrate what you can't see.

Do you have a Z16v2 or v1 (original)?

its a version 2

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Hey user7116, I didn't mean to ignore your input. I can test the jumper again. I did however exclude and include my zen16 which seemed to make things better... but it never resolved my issue (I've been at this for several days now).

I could not tell you what the sensor is. it was a sensor I had from when I installed security systems... pretty basic NC sensor.

I try to start at the basics. even before I hooked up my reed sensor I made sure I was up on the ladder verify everything worked with jumper and a 1/2 dozen cycles before running all the wire for the reed and hooking it up.

yeah, my setup is a myQ garage so I couldn't use jumpers to test things but I understand what you're saying. I had to get my button working first in order to cycle things... however, I sat with a volt meter/continuity tester through the whole line as I hooked things up. I think my issue is in the logic of the Hubitat or the zooz garage door app setup.

Not from what I see.
The driver only reports the state the device reports, there is no logic. If the Sensor child itself reports open/closed it is because the device sent a message to the hub with that state change.

The logic on the app I heavily trust. Not only has it been in use for a very long time by probably thousands of people, but it was also created by a dev I respect and trust. In fact ALL of my work was originally based from this devs ST driver code.

So to me the only possible source is hardware issue, or a wiring issue.

Having the SW1 wired directly to a NC sensor should pretty much be a no brainer. Are you sure it is not getting any sort of "bounce" effect, where it will open then quickly close and open again (the physical sensor)?

Testing the SW with a jumper would tell you a lot, if it works fine with a jumper but not with the sensor alone, then the problem has been isolated to the sensor and its wiring.

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I can confirm that everything works correctly with user installed zen16v2 driver and the sw1 as contact sensor and relay 1 as the gd switch. been using for a few days and working perfect. also have the GA app part of a rule and it works as well..finally nice to have the door back and working without batteries.

It almost seems like your sensor is acting as a momentary switch as it resets itself so quickly. Is it possible that it's some kind of special alarm system sensor with an odd quality like that?

What happens if you open the door and wave a magnet near the wired part of the sensor?

I have 3 of these reed sensors wired into my Z16v2 (and my Z17 and Z16v1 before that), and they all work great.

As Jeff says, the Zooz Garage Door is very well-proven by many ST and HE users over many years -- at this point, it probably one of the oldest Groovy apps out there that's still going strong.

The sensor is not special by any means... my continuity test gives off a tone based on open or closed. I can hear a solid tone until the magnet leaves the sensors proximity. I have also tested this at my desk before I did the complete install. I can test the sensor state once the door is open... maybe the chain bounces enough to cycle the state multiple times by the time it leaves the sensor.

Is there a timer that can be set to ignore the sensor until 3 or 4 seconds before it indicates whether the sensor is open or closed?

Not that I'm aware of. It sounds like it must be a placement issue on the door/rail then, since your bench testing seems to otherwise indicate it's behaving as expected.

Does the state on the child sensor eventually land in the correct place after bouncing?

If so, you could use a virtual contact sensor and then "de-bounce" it with a rule that uses an "and stays" trigger. Once triggered it mirrors the state to the virtual sensor.

Hey everyone,

Big shout out to all of you for sticking with me through this! I finally managed to fix the issue, and it's kind of embarrassing how silly it was... When the relay was triggered, the sensor initially showed as closed, then open, and then closed again. During my troubleshooting process, everything seemed fine, and I could see the sensor switching from closed to open. At that point, I was convinced the sensor was faulty and thought I'd have to replace the whole thing. But then, I decided to try using a different magnet, and as I started moving the sensor around, I noticed some changes in the logs (the magnet i used to test with was smaller than the sensor).

To cut a long story short, it turns out I had installed the sensor backward from my original plan. The magnet end was facing the opposite direction to the sensor, causing a conflict between the north and south poles. There was just enough of one pole to close the contact, but as it "opened," the sensor kept registering open then closed because of the conflicting poles of the magnet (north, south, north). In the end, the cycle always ended with a "closed sensor," even though the relay was still opening the garage.

Lesson learned: always double-check your installation plans!

Thanks again for your patience,