Zen16 v2 garage door

when using the zooz garage door app and setting up my zen16v2 the master shows up but the open/close sensor is empty with no options. HE.


What are you using for door open/close sensor? The Z16 can't do that itself as-is -- you need a separate tilt sensor or a wired reed sensor.

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I am just setting it up now at my desk. will be adding it after it is setup. there is no options for the child IO.

Select open/close sensor
click to set

this box is empty in the setup screen


You also need a contact sensor to use zooz’s garage door opener app as intended.

From their website:

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as stated above. I am just setting it up. there is no option in drop down to pick the open/close IO. I have all the sensors. I am just setting it up now and selecting which child but the child options are empty

I have posted screen shots of the setup screen above. the open/close portion is empty for the child device to the zen16

The open/close sensor won't be a child device of the Z16 unless you hard-wire one or more dumb reed sensors into the Z16's terminals.

If you use a ZW or ZB tilt sensor, that device will be totally independent of the Z16. The Zooz Garage Door app just allows you to tie both devices together toward a common purpose via that app.

yes i am adding reed as child. how do i select child?

Use the Zen16v2 driver available here. It'll make set up and management a ton easier.

Props to @jtp10181 - he did a fantastic job with this driver.

I believe the driver I have does not work with HE. I will update and check new one out.

after looking at the setup screen again, there are no options at all in drop box. I don't think this has anything to do with zen16. it has to do with garage door drive and HE.

That's possible I guess, but I'm using the Zooz Garage Door app and the 16v2 with wired reed sensors and it's all working perfectly. So it's likely just a matter of getting everything installed so all the parts can actually be seen.

what hubitat v are you on?

Currently C8Pro on Beta, but I originally set it all up when the 16v2 first released early last fall, and that was back on my C8.

yeah there is something wrong with the driver code. there is nothing that happens when I click on the open close box. the screen shifts but nothing opens up for me to select

tried it in multiple browsers all do the same thing. screen shifts and nothing happens.

That's the Zooz GD app, not the Z16 driver.

Until you program S1,2, or 3 as a contact (reed) sensor in the Z16 driver, the app can't see it. That's why there's nothing currently for it to show.

You need to forget about the app until you get the Z16 all set up and working. Then go back and deal up the app.

no, nothing shows up. none of my 100 devices show up. the drop down box shows nothing. empty. screen shifts nothing happens