Zen16 v2 garage door

I could not find any example of someone getting this working. all used external sensor for GD app or they ended up just making there own rule...part of the frustration with 3rd party stuff - so much time is spent on trying to get it to work with non standard scenarios most of time just better off writing our own rule.

@jtp10181 @hydro311 you guys are very patient LOL.

@user7116 I bet you cant find any examples of someone NOT getting it working either. Start over (deep breath) and read ALL the instructions given in this thread

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appreciate your help, I am a programmer by job and have had zwave for years with vera and it was so much more advanced. I have asked a few questions on here and none have ever been answered. most of the replies I get are relax... take a deep breath, well figure it out. always interesting to me that these things just don't work out of box. I think so far on a simple garage door now is 4 hours in and no examples and no results. this I had working in vera years ago in 5 minutes.

Out of what "box" ?, its an app thats not built by Hubitat. I am just happy that it exists. I dont have hardwired door switches on my 3 garage door setup because I use zwave tilt sensors so I cant help you in that regard.

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understood. which is my original question. if you are not using tilt sensor and the zen16 how can I get this to work because it does not out of the box.

As the driver notes say in each "Input Type for Sw #" field, you'll need to power cycle the Z16 after changing those to Contact Sensor (or any other non-default setting).

On my 16v2, I use S1 for a reed sensor that confirms GD Closed, S2 is a reed that confirms GD fully Open, and since my garage is detached, S3 is a reed that monitors my garage service door. You only need one reed sensor for everything to work, but I like being able to confirm both garage door positions.

My GD Opener (GDO) is tied to R3. I use R1 and R2 to control a unique lighting setup I have in my garage (unrelated to the GDO). So I'm using all 3 Rs and all 3 Ss.

Here's a sketch of my wiring...


Here's my driver setup... Since I use my S1 - GD Closed reed sensor as my contact sensor in the Zooz Garage Door app, I highlighted the S1 setup options -- you should be using those same options for your reed sensor.

I also indicated a few other things to confirm in the driver... Like the very first option -- I highly recommend using the "All relays Off" option there to prevent door opening after a power loss/restore. My setting's unique due to how I'm using the other relays, but note that I still have my opener relay (R3) set to "Off" there.

Toward the bottom, I indicated a setting in Red --it's the "Child Cleanup" one Jeff alluded to above. You should check that box. Mine's unchecked since I'm using all 3 Rs and all 3 Ss, but most people don't use all of them. Turning that option "On" will help keep the driver cleaner to work with.


Finally, here's a shot of my Zooz Garage Door App setup for reference. Everything works like a champ.



You did not show the devices from the devices list as requested. I need to see if the child device was created correctly (which it probably is not).

I will follow up with a full example.


If you are only connecting to ONE GD and one sensor, then you could possibly just use SW2 for the sensor if you wanted. In this example I am showing how to use the R1 and SW1 for the same GD. None of the other R/SW are configured, just left at defaults.

#1 is just recommended, so if power is removed/restore from Z16 there is no chance it opens your garage door. #2 and #12 are the important ones. All other settings are defaults.

You could also use the last option in the Input type which is made specifically for garage doors. I think this will just make the relay be a momentary switch (like pushing a GD button), otherwise the Zooz GD app does this already so I do not think it is required.


Once that is saved and Synced, power cycle the Z16 if you have changed any of the input settings, then turn on the Clean Up Child Sensors at the bottom and save again.

Now, you can check your devices list. You should have 3 Relay childs and One Sensor child that has the Contact driver on it.


With that sensor child there, you can select it in the Zooz GD App.


WOW anyone that finds this thread wont need a spoon because they will be well fed! :wink:

Amazing instructions @jtp10181 @hydro311

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Ok. thanks for the extensive update I will be reviewing and walking through all steps.

I need to start with making sure the user version I have is correct. this is what I have loaded.


That's the latest version - good to go :+1:

ok. so I am guessing the Clean Up Sensor Child Devices part of the process above is not working for me.

with all the trial error settings I think I will remove it and start again and see if things go through.

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Ok. after removing and reinstalling the zen16 the steps above worked with the user driver. thanks you so much. now I have the contact sensor in GD app. Perfect


so steps for someone else.

  1. load the custom user app. How to Access Advanced Settings for ZEN16 MultiRelay on Hubitat - Zooz Support Center (getzooz.com)
  2. install zen16. change drive to app above
  3. follow instruction from jtp10181Ambassador which gives a 4th contact sensor.
  4. goto GA for the open close sensor and the contact sensor from above will show.

thanks for all your comments they were all super helpful side comments. you clearly have a gift.

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I am glad you figured it out, it really is set and forget now.

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Hey, I have been having an issue with how my C-7 seems to be interpreting my zen16 actions. I've recently configured my environment to open and close my garage doors however, my wired contact sensors are not registering properly when the garage opens or closes... What I mean by this is, when I open my garage the sensor says open and then a second later it shows closed even though the sensor is clearly open...


Below are my settings on the zen16 with advanced drivers...

What am I doing wrong, or what do I not understand? Its like the two devices are disregarding the fact that I have NC contact sensors...

I can put a continuity tester on the wires and open the garage from the myQ app and see the contact sensor open when the garage opens (it stays open) and close when the garage closes, so I know my wiring is correct. The relay works because it opens the garage door, so I know that part works as well. The system just wont log correctly.

you can use a jumper wire first on the inputs to make sure the sensor is showing correctly. then move on to your actual sensors.