Zen Zigbee Thermostat - how to specify Capabilities?

G'day Hubitat crew @bobbyD , I just installed my new Zen Zigbee Thermostat's last night, however, I can't work out how to specify their capabilities and remove options that aren't supported.

I have 2 systems:

  1. Ducted Gas Furnace (Downstairs)
  2. Ducted Reverse cycle Heat Pump (Upstairs).

System 1 is about as dumb as they get, it supports Heat and Off Modes and the fan is automatic.
System 2 supports Single Stage Heating and Cooling with independant fan control

So the question for me is, how do I remove the Cooling, Emergency Heat, and Fan Circulate options from System 1 and remove the Emergency Heat option from System 2 so I dont confuse my wife etc?

I assumed the driver would query the Thermostat to see what operations it supported?

So I had a flash of inspiration and amazingly it turned out to work great and is fairly easy to do. I'm not sure if this is the "correct way" to do this, but it worked for me.

You just need to change the device driver to "Virtual Thermostat" and hit save.

You'll then have the option to set supported modes, put them in as lower case and comma-separated, then click the button above the text. You'll then see the "Supported" fields appear as shown below. Hit save again to make sure the settings stick and then change the driver back to the Zen Driver.

You'll still see the unsupported options in the driver view drop-down menus, but if you check your dashboard thermostat tiles, the unsupported options will be gone. You will however still have the supported modes listed under "Current States".


Update: I've discovered this trick works on the Sensibo Sky Wifi Thermostat (community driver) .

Is it also giving the correct options if you attempt to set the mode at the thermostat itself? (Sometimes people still do that.)

When I installed Zen thermostats, I found a configuration document online somewhere. That document indicated how to go through a configuration procedure on the device itself to indicate what type of system is installed. After reading this thread, I checked my dashboard tiles and I see that they still show emergency heat as an option which is inconsistent with what can be selected on the device. I am using the Zen Thermostat driver.

Itโ€™s it is.

Thereโ€™s an online Zen configuration tool that tells you which config settings to enter based on your wiring. Both of mine have been configured correctly.

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