This is the motion lighting app and this works perfectly for me:

Don't feel bad I needed help the first time around too.

If my switches and dimmers aren't reporting their on/off status then it could be why neither the Motion Lighting app, or this rule I tried are working.

So I'm not sure how to troubleshoot the devices, or get them to report correctly. If I go in the device page and refresh, then the hub sees the right state and the rule works. Of course, if I have to refresh the devices for it to run, that's not really automated or "smart".

What switches and dimmers aren't reporting correctly? Do you have the correct driver assigned to them?

It was in my earlier reply:

Make sure you are using the latest firmware and try these.

Another noob question... Does firmware refer to the switches or the hub? If switches, how do I check/update those? Also, do I don't ask questions like this again, did you simply search for those models to find the drivers?

I think the firmware @lewis.heidrick is referring to is the driver that allow HE to communicate with the device.

Not to be confused with the devices firmware or HE's firmware OR (C-7) Z-Wave Chip firmware internal to HE... all of which also can potentially be updated.

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I figured best to search, and if it's the device firmware, I had found this topic, which mirrors my issue (I'll need to read up on it fully), but it seems some Zooz devices don't always show the firmware to be able to check if it's the version I need for the custom drivers.

If you want newer firmware for your device you can contact Zooz. If there is an update you have to provide a proof of purchase and they will send you the files. You can then use the Firmware Updater driver to update. You might have to exclude and reinclude the updated device though.

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So, at this point, I don't know if I need newer firmware because the device page doesn't show the firmware (perhaps because it's the generic driver, but I tried using the Basic Z-wave Tool, and it also had no firmware). That link send to show some way to try to determine the firmware from the logs.

Also, it's funny you linked that Z-wave Firmware Updater because I had bookmarked that one too read, too.

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Well you could just check with @agnes.zooz and see what the most recent firmware is.. you could probably update the firmware anyway if not sure.

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I guess that's true. Probably doesn't hurt to be current, I guess. Thank you.

@agnes.zooz I'll PM you

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While waiting (or I guess, technically, not waiting), I installed the drivers from

... and I excluded, factory reset, and included one switch and one dimmer (without selecting S2 unauthenticated). They now both have more clusters and the firmware shows as 4.0 instead of no value visible.

What are the zwaveassociationG[] values?

I returned to my motion sensor switching rule to see if that helped, but found that the rule was still not turning the light on (and then it would seem to lock up and not respond to physical or digital on attempts).

The rule I was trying had a "Set dimmer level per mode" action in it. After restarting the hub, so the switch would respond again, I revised the rule to just a Switch On action. Then the rule worked.

So my additional question @agnes.zooz is whether this means the ZEN22 cannot handle the "Set dimmer level per mode" action, or for anyone else - could it be the driver and the fact @bcopeland wrote it for firmware 3.7 and my dimmer is already at 4.0 (or something else I'm totally missing)?

Yeah. So disregard that. Simplified my test, and only did the dimming by itself with a virtual button, and it worked fine. So here was the rule. Can someone suggest how to troubleshoot it using the logs (if it's the sensor timing, or sending double signals, how could I tell)? Right now, I haven't setup modes yet, which is why only Day is represented.