Z-Wave switches turn off together unexpectedly daily

Ahh thank you, THOSE hunches. Mine are off. However, I went a step further and removed all of the affected devices from my Alexa app. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Thanks for the tip. It's a good tactic even if it doesn't work out.

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Sounds painful, man.

Uncomfortable, not quite painful. There is definitely something "odd" about the new Z-Wave stack. I think it will get better but now . . . bring your patience when you want to add Z-Wave devices.

I had a similar experience with a Zooz dimmer. It would turn on and off around the same time every night. Never found the issue. My solution turned out to be: unPair, reset the dimmer, rePair. Hasn't come back in over 10 months.

If I were in your situation I would "disconnect" the two devices from the dashboard(s), Alexa any rules etc. Then see what happens.

I'll try that next, thanks for the idea.

Yeah, when it gets to this level, debugging is about a lot more than trying things that might fix the problem; it's by now mostly trying things that will give you some more information.

A famous story from my professional field (computers) was about a big mainframe that crashed at the same time each day (you see the similarity!). There are various versions, but the version I like ended up tying it to a big freight elevator receiving a load once a day at that time.

You probably don't have any single loads that out of proportion to the rest (home setup, right?). Anything else associated with the same times? Sprinkler automation? Garage door opener? Air conditioner use (compressor kicking in is a big spike; are the days it happens often hotter days)?

[ETA: Earlier I was also wondering about some kind of attack on the system, but it seems a bit random for that, and it's drawing attention to itself which is NOT what somebody planning a burglary would want. But if you're feuding with a neighborhood kid or something, could it be just for nuisance value?]

Been in IT for over a quarter century so your mainframe story resonates :slight_smile:

I do have Rachio sprinklers and a MYQ garage opener but they aren't being used in Hubitat. I have not integrated them yet (the MyQ requires a bit of work plus apparently the native sensor doesn't work). No ACs though I do have Honeywell smart thermostat that's been in operation for over 5 years--that's not integrated yet either.

I doubt anyone in my neighborhood has any smart devices. I am in the Middle East :smiley: They are all on a different Zwave frequency, even if they do have some devices in use. I have stuck with my NA devices. This is actually why I purchased the C7 because I wanted to start moving to Euro ZWave bulbs. It's become awfully difficult to get 2700K ZWave bulbs in the US.

Edit: It seems like Hubitat has issued an advisory about the Zooz plug I am using though I doubt it has anything to do with the issues I have. I am gonna check the firmware version to be safe.

Hmmm; US frequencies might conflict with some kind of local use? Something with enough power to interfere?

And I didn't necessarily mean the aircond or garage door interacted through the HE; I was thinking about it drawing heavily on the AC power enough to glitch other devices, maybe (same as the freight elevator and the mainframe :slight_smile: ). Also, given where you are, is the AC power stable and noise-free, or might you be taking glitches there?

Yeah, I got what you meant about the power load. I don't think that's an issue though brown-outs are frequent. I have a L/C APC UPS attached to my NAS and servers (plus my C5) for that reason alone.

It's too weird that these two new devices have issues. I have 7-year-old GE ZWave switches that work like a charm and have been so forever. Even when I moved them from WInk (originally purchased some of them in 2014), I have never had an issue with them.

I think we may be onto something with Alexa integration. Somehow Hubitat is sending the directive to these two devices. Just have to figure out how or why.

Amazon just delivered an Eva Logik ZW97 that I had ordered. I just noticed in reading the notes that it has Auto Turn-Off Timer and Auto Turn-On Timer capabilities . . .

Also, I believe the one I received may have been used. It initially paired as a Zooz. I sent Mike the fingerprint assuming it was an incorrect auto-selection. Then I excluded it and did a factory reset. When I paired it again it auto-selected the Eva Logik Smart Plug driver. I wonder if someone had tried mine and messed with the configuration . . .

Darn..so close!

Almost 24 hours had gone by, I had removed the references from Alexa integration and was really hopeful but sure as sunset, both switches went offline at 8.39pm.

Now what!

Try disassociating them with any rules (you can see what rules and apps are using it) and see if it continues. Also what do the logs say?

Unpair one, then re-pair it. That will break all rules and integrations using it.

Leave it a day or two and see if it happens again.

Just my $0.02 on how I would troubleshoot it.


The logs say nothing, just that the switches were turned off digitally (at the same time).

I have taken the slightly extreme measure of removing the Alexa-skill completely. I'll try that before disassociating the devices.

Have to wait another 24 hours before checking this.

Since the simplest explanation should be ruled out first... Are you sure there isn't someone turning these lights off from the dashboard?

Yes. I am sure. No one else has access to the Dashboard.

26 hours, almost, and counting. After disabling Alexa integration within Hubitat, no shutdowns. I guess we found our culprit.

My Alexa stuff is quite extensive but very simple in nature. Just some routines and that's it. I'll have to hunt this down because obviously there isn't anything that I added, somehow it's triggering itself. I'll keep it disabled through the night and figure out what to do in the morning. Just to make sure this is it.

Thanks to everyone for the tips.

Edit: Anyone know where I can Alexa-related directives in the Hubitat logs? The device logs aren't saying anything except the fact that the switches are turned off mysteriously. I really would like to pinpoint which Alexa command or routine is running that is causing this headache.

Open Alexa on your mobile device. Check Settings | Hunches to make sure there aren't any defined that you didn't authorize; then click on the cog wheel in the upper right and turn off Hunches suggestions

Other than that you'd have to track the Echo Skill appId in the logs.

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I'm seeing the same crazy behavior with a brand new Eva Logik ZW97.

The right outlet is turning off 30 minutes after my rule turns it on. The log says it was physical - no way it was physical.

Mine paired with the Zooz driver.