Z-Wave Schlage Lock

I have a Schlage Z-wave lock that was connected to a Wink hub that will no longer work. I check out several hubs' reviews and selected the Hubitat brand. I have factory reset the door locks and unenrolled them, but they will not connect to the hub. It is 4 feet away from one door and 15 to the other. This is frustrating and I have watch several videos. What is the solution other than sending this hub back and going with another brand?

Is your Schlage on the list of compatible products?

Hint: It's not.

Schlage has been very problematic for years. Specific versions work, specific don't and the rest are haphazard.

Tell the Community your specific model number and Firmware and you might get advice that is quite specific.


Which Schlage z-wave lock? BE369/FE599 or BE469? The BE379/FE599 won't work with C-7 and C-8 hubs. The BE469 should.

Model #BE469ZP

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Firmware Ver 0.10.9

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I have two Schlage BE469ZP locks (Z-Wave Plus) on my C8 hub, and they work fine. They also worked fine on my (now retired) C-7. They were originally BE469NX locks (Z-Wave non-plus) on my (now retired) C-5 (and Wink before that), but I upgraded the electronics to make them Z-Wave Plus (BE469ZP) when I upgraded to the C-7 so that I could use S2 pairing, which changed the battery life from less than 3 months to about 8 or 9 months.

The BE469NX should work fine on a C-8, with shorter battery life than the BE469ZP, but I haven’t tried that. Certain early Schlage firmware versions are problematic. Certain early firmware versions of the BE469ZP are problematic, too.

Both of the versions of Schlage locks are FLiRS devices, and thus need a good repeater near the locks for reliability. I have a Ring Alarm Extender v2 repeater near each of my Schlage locks (using Denny Page’s (@dennypage’s) Ring Extender driver), and that setup works well.

So, what Hubitat hub do you have?
What version of Schlage lock do you have?
What Schlage firmware version is on your lock?

Unfortunately, Schlage refuses to provide firmware update files.

Edit: I see you were replying while I was typing. Sigh.

Your firmware version is fine, and your BE469ZP is fine. Your firmware version is the same as one of my locks. You don’t say which Hubitat hub you have, but you should be fine.

Get a Ring Alarm Extender v2, use @dennypage’s Ring Extender driver, and you should be fine.

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It'll work - as indicated by @672southmain. The model and firmware are fine.

If you're unable to pair it, post a screenshot of your entire z-wave details page (Settings -> Z-Wave Details). To add images (screenshots) to your posts, become a member on the owner's group on the Hubitat community by going here:


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One other thing: I just checked and my C-8 (great antennas) is paired directly to my locks. So, you probably don’t need the added repeaters if you have a C-8. The new Z-Wave chip and antennas seems to work fine with the Schlage locks.

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Hubitat Elevation

There are multiple models of the Hubitat Elevation. C-3, C-4, C-5, C-7, and C-8. Look at the sticker on the bottom of your hub.

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Model C7

Post a screenshot of your Z-Wave Details page. This is a solvable problem. My guess is that we'll find some incomplete pairings that must be resolved. Or that the z-wave firmware on your Hubitat C-7 needs to be updated.


@user5638 Did you post on the FB group about getting to work with Hubitat and Honeywell Lynx system?

No I didn’t


Ok... :slight_smile: Post your z-wave details screen (use windows snip) That will help us work out what your issue is (I have 3 of these locks with the same firmware)



It is impossible for the community, or even Hubitat Support, to help you resolve the issue with pairing your Schlage deadbolt, without knowing details of your zwave mesh.

There is nothing on the zwave details page that will compromise your hub’s security. And you can keep your privacy by blanking out any personal identifiers in device names.


How do I get my zeals mesh info. I have two locks and a hub. I have seen that in the notices. But can not find a page that has any info on it

Two ways.

Built-in, there is information on the Z-Wave devices page.
Settings > Z-Wave Details

Or, better, install Tony Fleisher’s (@tony.fleisher’s) excellent community contributed app, Z-Wave Mesh Tool, works on C-7 or C-8. It’s available in Hubitat Package Manager, another excellent app originally written by Dominick Meglio (@dman2306), now maintained by @csteele.

And, as noted above by Ashok Aaiyar (@aaiyar):

It would be helpful if you posted a screenshot of your Z-Wave Details page.

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I have a BE469. Did all i could think of for pairing without success. At some point, the low battery indicator went on. I changed the batteries and tried again. This time pairing worked just fine and it's been very stable for months. It's not just the unplugging since I had tried many rounds of that.

It might be coincidence, but perhaps the radio need a certain level of power to communicate/pair properly ?

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Can you tell me what firmware is on that lock? (it's on the plate on the door with your default key codes)

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