Z-Wave LR

VentureBeat: Z-Wave Long Range protocol supports up to 2,000 smart devices on a mesh network.


I’m gonna need a bigger drawer for devices I “need” but haven’t figured out where to install yet...


It will be years before there are devices (or hub support - as SiLabs has to roll that into the SDK 1st) for this. But still sounds like a step in the right direction.

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The bump in the number of nodes and focus on low power seems like a logical evolution. Not sure I need a 400 meter range as the mesh seems to work well enough, but I guess it's a nice enhancement too (maybe for mailboxes or those edge cases on the edge of the mesh).


Long range, just great...now all of my neighbors will be trying to open/close my blinds, turn on my smart oven, defrost my smart freezer, and change my smart TV to the "Cat Videos!" channel... :wink:


Exactly. The Z-Wave 700 series was announced at CES 2018, and its taken nearly 2.5 years to get out the first hub (Hubitat) that uses it! By that pattern, we have 2-3 years before they get the silicon and SDK software ready for commercial use.

If it takes new silicon, definitely.

If it is just software, maybe a bit faster.

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Will Hubitat C-7 work whit Z-Wave Long Range?
z-wavealliance org/z-wave-alliance-announces-new-z-wave-long-range-specification/

It will definitely work with Z-Wave LR. This on the same page you mentioned:

The Alliance says that Z-Wave Long Range (Z-Wave LR) [...] is backward-compatible with both existing Z-Wave networks and previously installed Z-Wave devices.

Whether Hubitat will "be" Z-Wave LR, we will have to wait and see (my assumption is that it will require new hardware, though details seem sparse at the moment--but again is both forwards- and backwards-compatible as Z-Wave has always been).

Personally, given the above and the fact that current, 700-series Z-Wave works well enough for me (and most people are still using 500-series at best), I'm not overly concerned right now. :slight_smile:

So when are we getting a new Hubitat that supports this :crazy_face:



Cool! I guess this will require a new 800 series chip?

When is the C-8 hub being released? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

EDIT: just read an article that stated this new specification falls short to the competition: Zigbee can do 65K devices and the forthcoming Amazon Sidewalk has been reported to work with devices up to a mile away. If I ever move to a house a mile long with 65K devices, I will probably get cancer just walking from the bedroom to the kitchen...


Dam, another freaking hub? I already have a part time job with 5 hubs, another would kill me.
Oh wait, it's 6 I forgot one.
Just got the C7, should have waited...

My guess - 2024. It won't even be a final spec, let alone included in the SDK, until probably 2022.

[1/2021 EDIT: Looks like it may come out sooner than I expected. Nice to be wrong in that direction]


Ezlo Plus and secure have Long range in hardware... They have tested and it works good... It has the 700chip as Hubitat has. Wonder if its a software thing... @bcopeland can you answer??

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CAN he answer? Yes.

WILL he answer? :man_shrugging:

As you really need device support to get the true benefit of LR, there really isn't any hurry to answer other than marketing.

Now if/when vendors release firmware updates for their 700 series devices that support LR, the pressure will be on to announce something for the hub side....

The non-hubitat, non-official answer is that I think all 700 series chip based hubs can support LR (from the hardware side of things).

Still takes firmware/software support though. But again - chicken and egg of SiLabs firmware availability and SDK/ZAF support versus device LR support.

(I reserve the right to be wrong, and will retract/correct if I am)

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This is awesome!

Sadly, none of my Z-Wave devices has the 700 chip but the new C-7 hub I just migrated to... The wife will kill me if I continue spending money on new devices or replacements for a while...

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There is sadly a disappointing dearth of zwave 700 devices, period.

It'll get there, though. Takes time...

Although, not as many CES 2021 zwave announcements as I would liked either. :frowning:

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Thanx for the answer!

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