Z-wave firmware version

I am probably missing something obvious (it would not be the first time, lol) but I was not able to find where the current Z-wave firmware version of my devices was listed anywhere in either the Z-wave settings menu nor in any of my Z-wave devices.

I only became aware of this due to the threads regarding problems some were having updating to 7.17.1. I happen to be using Hub Information driver and so was able to find my current version under the HI attributes (but only to two places, i.e., 7.17 vs 7.17.1). I was able to update to v7.17.1 after updating my hub firmware to, but was surprised that it took about 15 mins to update the Z-wave firmware to 7.17.1. Fortunately, it did successfully update (eventually) on the first try.

Can anyone point me to where I can look up the Z-wave firmware currently in use on my hub and what the version number is of available updates (much like how both versions are displayed for the hub firmware updates)? TIA for any help!


or install the "Hub Information" app and create the associated virtual device.

That device has attributes that show the version.


Information from the hub at this time is only available to the sub-version, i.e. 7.17 not 7.17.1

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Are you talking about your other Z-Wave devices or the hub itself? You mentioned both, and the above replies cover the hub well. (The "Firmware Update" button in Z-Wave Details will not appear unless there is an update available, so that's a lazy way to tell as well.)

For your actual Z-Wave devices, this mostly depends on the driver. By convetion (but nothing required or "official"), many drivers will put this in the "Devce Details" section under "Device Data." The Device Firmware Updater app will also query any device you select and show you what the device reports back. Both of these are, of course, really only usable for one device at a time. I'm not aware of any built-in option to see more at once. But this is really only helpful if you know that the manufacturer has a firmware update available--the hub can't just update the Z-Wave SDK in use on the device. You'll need a firmware update from the manufacturer to do anything (which may or may not include this); if you do, the app I mentioned is a built-in way to actually perform the update.

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Thank everyone for your replies!

Thanks but that is in fact how I was already able to find the version number (but as @thebearmay has responded, the version number was only available to the sub-version and not further.

Yes, I was referring to both the hub version and device versions. I found the hub Z-wave version on my own since I was already using Hub Information to monitor my hub for other things such as automatic soft reboot on low memory etc, but I was surprised that this information was not already listed somewhere in the Z-wave Details page where most users would usually logically go to look it up.

Thank you! I did not know this. That is why I did not know if I was on the latest update since the latest z-wave version number is not listed anywhere (unless you happen to be familiar with Hub Information driver as I was). I was just looking for an easier, more intuitive way to look this up and I figured I was missing something.

As a suggested feature, I propose that in Z-wave Details, the current version in use is prominently displayed, and the latest available update version is also listed. After all, this is already done clearly and well for the hub firmware version.

Also, as @thebearmay has stated, the z-wave version number exposed by Hub Information (which is BTW a fantastic source of information to manage the hub thank you!) only displays the sub-version. I understand that there are actually some additional versions of the sub-version being developed but I had no way (other than seeing that the update button was present, which I was not aware of, lol) to see exactly which version I would be updating to.

Thanks for all the feedback and info. I got two takeaways from this: 1) If the update button is not present, that means there is no update available, and 2) unless you are using Hub Information driver (which is a community app and not a native hubitat app) that there is not a current way to see what version of Z-wave you are on (hub-wise). Always learning! Thank you.


This isn't quite true; the <hubIP>/hub/zwaveVersion endpoint (which the Hub Information Driver itself gets this information from, I assume) will show you. In most cases it's not necessary to know (though I have seen staff ask for it for troubleshooting in the past); if there's an update, the button will appear, or the platform will just do it automatically. This update happens to be optional.


Thanks @bertabcd1234,

I suppose I should have stated that there is not a simple, intuitive way to get this information. In my way of thinking, if this endpoint is so easily accessed by the average user of Hubitat, then it could also be more easily displayed by the Hubitat staff as part of the Z-wave Details page? I would guess that the average Hubitat user would not know about how to access this endpoint without a community app like Hub Information Driver, and I would posit that not every Hubitat user actually uses Hub Information Driver…tho I have been known to be wrong before, and this would not be the first time!
Thanks for the endpoint at any rate!

Yeah, I can't speak to their decision to include it or not include it somewhere--maybe they don't deem it important enough to do at all, or maybe it just hasn't risen enough on the list of priorities. :smiley:

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