Z wave devices

I am new to this... all my devices are z-wave. below is snippet of my Rules Machine code when I turn on switch to trigger routine to set up for sleep time

it seems it isn't real consistent.

my question from you with experience, should i be having multiple steps turning stuff on/off. it seems that it takes a few seconds for Everything Group to actually turn all off. does it wait after executing the Off:Everything Off, or send out command and go on to the next one maybe causing confusion??

Can you post a copy of your z-wave details page in it's entirety?

What you are describing though is popcorning. You should create a group in Room Lighting with the specific lights you want on and off then use an activator to run the RL rule. That would probably cut down on a lot of that.

thanks. i am new so don't shoot...

my thought was having 50 say devices to just turn everything off to a known state then turn back on the few that I want on at that time.

if I have a group of lights dimmable, i have to dim the whole group to the same level correct?

i have noticed that setting some lights to 40% might be equivalent to 20% on another bulb/switch
so i am thinking that having a group then dimming to same level would be a problem?

Your mesh looks good... At this point Room Lighting is your best bet., See this link here


i am sure I will be back later

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always learning something new. added Room Lights
set up a group

then into rule machine to i though would be a way to activate it but not sure how that works
what do I select to get list of Room Lights to activate?


Use Room Lighting, it will be easier. Use a mode or a virtual switch to activate.

sorry you lost me with last reply.

I went into Room Lighting and set up the lights how I want them and named it

I have a Virtual Button that I activate and rule machine activates a script

i don't see how in Room Lighting I can activate the scene or in Rule Machine how to activate the room lighting scene

sorry for being dense

Sorry, I misunderstood. At this point yes, in rule machine you can create your rule to activate the virtual switch that activates the RL

we are close but not there yet...

i can't figure out how the virtual switch activates the RL

i don't see ability in Rule Machine for an action to activate RL

in Rule Machine i don't see action to do the RL

The action is the trigger; the run turns on the virtual switch or other activator you set

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I think i found this in RL below,
i didn't find a way to activate the RL in Rules Machine though

In RL, you create an activator device (which I see you already have). In RM, you turn on (or off) the activator device.

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can I do the turning on/off in the Rule Machine without activator?

Not directly. You can either use the activator device or you can create a virtual device, use that in RM, and set it as an optional "means to activate."

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I have done this in Rule Machine. i would think this will work ???



Assuming that "Bed Time Lights RL" is either the activator device or a virtual device that's been added to the RL instance as a "means to activate", then yeah.



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